First post

Crossdressing one of life’s simple pleasures, at least I wish it was simple but instead those of us who do not fit into societies definition of normal gender roles are often shunned and made outcasts for simply being different.  Here I hope over time to work through some this mess by posting my thoughts on aspects and issues in crossdressing from my perspective as heterosexual crossdresser.  A this point I am not entirely sure what I will be posting about but my current plans include my experiences, my observations, commentary on news items I come across and a series that deals with specific articles of clothing and it’s relation to crossdressing such as panties, bras, skirts to name a few.  I am also planning on making a section titled “Disclaiming Definitions” where I place the way in which I use terms.  I hope you enjoy my echo chamber and comment.

And I hope I can figure this site out quickly.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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