Underdress or Incognito?

Almost every crossdresser partakes in underdressing which is the act of wearing women’s clothing (typically underwear) under their male clothes. I on the other hand do not know of the term which describes when a male crossdresser wears women’s clothing which appears to be male as the outermost layer. For instance I had regularly wear a pair of women’s jeans which looks much like a pair of men’s jeans. These are not a pair of low-cut hip hugging skin tight jeans designed to show off your thong but just an average pair of women’s jeans. To the casual observer they are highly unlikely to find anything out of the ordinary about this pair of jeans however if they were to look closely at them they would likely realise that they are not your average pair of jeans. I know some people would say that this is a form of wimping out however I’m wearing women’s jeans out with friends, to school and to work; are you able to say the same thing? This of course could be expanded to women’s T-shirts (assuming they don’t say “I love my panties” on the front), coats, belts or shoes. This is obviously full out crossdressing but flies under the radar and is incognito to most other people, while the same time we know what we are wearing and how it makes us feel. I’m just wondering if there is a specific term for this as the best I can come up with is incognito.

2 thoughts on “Underdress or Incognito?

  1. Is there a term for a girl who wears her boyfriend/husband’s sweatshirt? Wouldn’t it just be socially acceptable crossdressing in that a) nobody registers it and less likely b) nobody cares that it is being worn.

    Regardless of the name I would certainly call it bold, and I’m curious if I could pull something similar off.

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!


  2. Let me add my welcome to the blogosphere. I just found your site and it will take a bit to get to know you.
    I am an older CD. I like being a guy but enjoy dressing to one extent or another.
    I wear panties and pantyhose almost every day under my slacks. If it is a weekend I will go sans socks so if anyone were looking closely they would see my stocking clad ankle.
    I suspect I will have comments on some other posts as I read them.

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