Distracted by dressing

Crossdressing can be so distracting, I have a semester of insanity at school, work full time plus personal obligations yet one thing keeps coming to mind those soft silky panties.  I see this sentiment in blogs, comments and books all over the place and we all have our way of dealing with it but sometimes it gets to be too much.  This morning it isn’t the clothes that are distracting but perfecting cleavage that is occupying my mind this morning but I have a million other things to get done today.  Though I love crossdressing it cannot be my default thought process which is the ongoing problem that I’m sure of us face.  

One thought on “Distracted by dressing

  1. Having my mind stray to CD issues is almost an all day/ every day state of mind. Even in the office when I have work to do I find that I go to my alternate computer to check up on CD related stuff on line.
    Having CD related thoughts are a major distraction. I also have CD related dreams.
    I still like my life as a guy but it is often hard to turn off the CD related reveries.

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