Add some Colour to your Panty Drawer

Underwear is always a fun topic as we all love panties and bras.  In women’s underwear there are three base colours that every crossdresser should have: White, Black and Nude.  Black because it’s awesome and sexy, white because it is also awesome and sexy but not as socially titillating as black.  Nude because it blends in with your skin tone and doesn’t show through clothing, though I’ll admit I don’t find it exciting at all and really a nude bra is only required if you don’t want your bra showing through your white blouse.

Beyond those three base colours there is a fantastic range of colours in women’s underwear, so much more than men’s colours.  Men’s underwear typically comes in black, white, grey and blue excluding those strange printed ones.  Women’s on the other seem to not have any limits on colour, excluding Hanes Her Way 5 packs but you don’t want those, and sometimes while wandering through the racks of lingerie you find a colour you like that you would never expect.  For years I loved black bras and panties but in the last year I found a pair of deep purple panties that are awesome (see picture).  I also found the hot pink bra featured in my header photo which I also love which is strange because I actually hate the colour pink, like really hate, I think it is a dreadful colour accept this one bra that makes me so happy that I decided to make it my blog image (and also in the picture for this post).  Well it also doesn’t hurt that it fits really well, is comfortable and supports my breast forms really well.

I suppose what I’m saying here is that once you have your base three colours go out and have some fun with your underwear selection, or skip the ‘base’ colours and just have fun.  Just because white and black are classic feminine sexy colours doesn’t mean you should just go with those, hell skip sexy just have some fun with your crossdressing and relish in the colour selection that women’s underwear offers.   We are already stepping outside of our own societally assigned gender roles there is no reason to get trapped into our perceptions of a new one.  What we do is fun and if wearing purple panties with a hot pink bra is fun then that’s what we should do because when you’re having fun your happy.  After all what is the fun in opening up your underwear drawer and only seeing the same three colour you saw before?  Wouldn’t you rather open it up and see a massive selection of choice that looks more like a display window at Victoria secret?  It also gives you the chance to ask “what do I feel like today?” but I must warn you that this does slow down your morning routine, but in a fun way.

Don’t limit yourself to just “femme” activities either, every major sports team has panties emblazoned with their logo so I say go on cheer for that sports team while giving the finger to that traditional gender norm it represents by wearing that hyper masculine logo on your panties and enjoy the game.  Like hunting?  They have camo panties with the added bonus that no one will see them, they’ll just disappear and you can complement it with a safety orange bra.  Like sitting around playing pantless poker with your homophobic friends chugging beer?  First that is a little weird and second that is one place I don’t suggest panties, seriously don’t wear women’s clothing to a pantless beer chugging poker marathon.  But beyond that have fun with your underwear and don’t limit yourself, the people who make panties and bras haven’t.

I’d be interested what everyone’s favourite panty and bra colour that you own is that isn’t white, black or nude and we have these handy comment boxes below so might as well use them.

8 thoughts on “Add some Colour to your Panty Drawer

  1. My favourite colour (except black/white) is either red (when I feel sexy) or a very light pink (like an innocent little girl).

  2. Always a fun read! Will follow you and your blog to the ends of the Earth. Keep ’em coming!

    With Admiration,

    Randa Lane

  3. I think I’m quite boring when it comes to panties as it’s got to be either black or white. Although recently I’ve been getting more into tans and nudes which are a bit of a change.

  4. My favorite is mint green panties and bra. I also like “sweet tangerine” panties, but can’t seem to find a bra in that color. Maybe I need to get over that thing where everything must match.

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