MP Rob Anders criticized over ‘bathroom bill’ comments

Fore warning I am very political and am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I loath ignorant Conservatives, support the NDP and follow the Green Party leader on Twitter.  This is a post about a political news story in Canada.

Quick explanation of the Canadian Political System.  Canada is a federal multi-party Westminster constitutional monarchy.  The ten provinces and three territories each have their own government.  Canada is a commonwealth nation with Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of Canada.  Currently federally there are five parties with members in the House of commons (HOC), Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is currently government with the majority and sits on right end of the spectrum.  The New Democratic Party (NDP) are the official opposition and are the left of the spectrum.  The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) was the ruling party for most of Canada’s history and is in third place and is considered the middle of the spectrum.  The Bloc Quebecois (Bloc) is a Quebec based separatist party and left.  The Green Party of Canada (GPC) has one seat and is also left.

Now to the point of this post, I came across this story MP Rob Anders criticized over ‘bathroom bill’ comments – Politics – CBC News. Needless to say I take issue with Rob Anders.

A private members bill sponsored by Randall Garrison an NDP opposition MP brought to the HOC bill C-279 to ensure the Human Rights Act and Criminal code reflects gender expression and to ensure discrimination against transgender people is covered to protect them and their rights.  Then the Conservative MP Rob Anders from Calgary sends out a petition which reads:

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:
That Bill C-279, also known as the “Bathroom Bill”, is a Private Members Bill sponsored by B.C. NDP MP Randall Garrison and its goal is to give transgendered men access to women’s public washroom facilities. And that it is the duty of the House of Commons to protect and safeguard our children from any exposure and harm that will come from giving a man access to women’s public washroom facilities.
Therefore your petitioners call upon the House of Commons to vote Nay on the
“Bathroom Bill”.

So aside from using the wrong terminology for a transwoman, no one else has called it the Bathroom Bill and missing the point of the bill which is to update the codes and acts to the language being used in the formal institutions currently we still have this specter of “Trans people are perverts and given a chance will rape children”.  This is insulting not only trans people but all men who apparently given the chance would rape a child in a washroom.  Yes Canada is fairly accepting and our laws reflect that but we do have these people who actually think this shit, I call them ignorant bastards.  Earlier this week he told a journalist that the current NDP leader hastened the tragic death of the previous leader, and he was forced to apologize.  He has fallen asleep in the house of commons and done so many other bizarre things it baffles the mind.  Now some people say he isn’t being asked to step down or forced out because it is a convenient distraction from the XL Beef crisis.  I just blame the closed minded ignorance that is the current CPC and have to remember they are certainly not the Progressive Conservative Party they replaced.  They were right wing but not ideological fanatics which brought in old age pension, suspended the death penalty and gave first nations the right to vote, wait that was all Diefenbaker in the 60’s, well he was still a PC.  I don’t normally blame the entire party for the wrong doings of a single member as I believe MP’s should be able to speak their minds.  However when you have such an embarrassment in your party and you choose to do nothing then your party as the whole can be and should be painted with the same brush.

Though as insulting as this entire episode is to Canadian values on the grand scheme of things I see this as a moot point.  In 1967 Liberal justice minister Pierre Trudeau in reference the decriminalization of homosexual acts famously said “there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation” a quote that is now referenced all over the world, really google it.  Later then as Prime Minister Trudeau repatriated the constitution and placed the charter of Rights and Freedoms in the constitution making them essentially untouchable.  Groups such as LEAF (women’s rights) and EGALE(Gay rights) have spent the time since ensuring equality for all through charter challenges.  In 2005 the Liberal Party of Canada (yes there is a theme here) made same-sex marriage legal and did not bring the world to an end instead it was just the next logical step and though important didn’t generate mass protests or celebrations. This is on mass a non-issue in Canada today, as for the current bill passed two readings in the house and is at committee and will likely pass when it gets to the house again as the NDP, Liberals, Bloc Quebecois and Green party will all likely support it and and the majority Conservatives not wanting to appear too conservative will pass it through, and if they weren’t one of their MP’s would be trying to rally this support.  Rob Anders has just embarrassed himself, his party, his city and his province.

Major political stories this week in Canada were: Rob Anders claims Mulcair hastened Laytons death, Justin Trudeau eldest son of Pierre announces he is running for Leadership of the LPC (I’m stoked) and problems at the XL Beef plant in Brooks Alberta sparks the largest meat recall in Canadian history and this “Bathroom bill” silliness.  Well I would have to say the most important issue is the safety of our food supply in the wake of massive CPC cuts to the inspection agency and deregulation lead to the shut down of the slaughterhouse that process 40% of Canada’s beef.  I had to throw out beef from the recall list today so it had a direct impact on me.  I seriously doubt that if a transwoman (or CD) were to use a Women’s bathroom anyone would care enough to call the cops, If the cops were called I doubt they would press charges, seems less likely that the crown would prosecute etc all the way up to Charter Challenge at the Supreme court where it would likely be ruled that these sections aren’t up to snuff and the government would be directed to fix it.  So I find Anders actions insulting and ignorant and really don’t care because I have faith in the country to over the idiocy of one person and I know it won’t let me down, all the proof I need of that is at the bottom of the news story in the comments section where even the Conservative trolls have let this one be.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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