Halloween Follow up

So the Halloween party went well.  Though I did skip the makeup but everyone seemed astonished that I painted my nails, takes like 5 minutes people I didn’t know it was that epic.  Sorry to say no photos, we simply didn’t take any.  So general conclusions:

– I need to get out en femme more often

– Bird seed and pantyhose breasts are surprisingly effective

– With the amount I was groped I’m very happy I didn’t wear my silicone breasts

– After five minutes I was relaxed and forgot I was wearing a dress

– I’m happy I didn’t wear heels because first it would have been hard to explain second I would have fallen and injured myself quite severely

At the end of the day I’m happy I went and did it and it also seemed anti-climactic since me in a dress and my GF in a suit didn’t garner that much attention. If you are debating going out in a dress this Halloween season I suggest seriously considering it.

One thought on “Halloween Follow up

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