Winter is upon us

The snow has hit the ground and some people are sad but I actually like winter as I have actual winter activities that I partake in.  But there is another plus side to winter for us crossdressers mainly underdressing fun. So let me run through a few of these plus sides now:

  • No visible bra straps through sweaters or winter coats
  • Panty hose double as long underwear
  • No one will notice your shaved legs, chest or underarms
  • No sandals no problem with painted toe nails
  • Balaclava covers make up
  • Hoods disguise wigs and earrings
  •  Gloves cover your French manicure
  • No one will ask about your corseted hourglass figure as it won’t show through the winter coat
  • Scarves cover your cleavage

Now some of you will be saying that these are not all plus sides as you get all dressed up to be seen.  However I have two arguments to support my claim.  First even though you may want to be seen when you are out at say a club you may not want to be seen on the way to the club so covering up may be a great option.  Second it does expand your underdressing possibilities as you have a top layer of coats and the such so all of a sudden a blouse is an under layer so you can wear more out and about without getting noticed.  Mostly I am just trying to turn your winter frowns upside down because unlike me not everyone enjoys winter.

Happy dressing

One thought on “Winter is upon us

  1. I too enjoy winter although my wife is a summer person. I will have pantyhose on 24/7 and will likely have painted toe nails. It is hard to leave the house while dressed but in winter it is dark early and getting out in the dark is OK while it would not fly when the sun is shining.

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