It Gets Better – Royal Canadian Mounted Police (BC) – YouTube

This video was put out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) which is Canada’s national police force.  To compare to American police forces they are the FBI, DEA, ATF, Marshall’s and Secret Service and they are also the Provincial or Territorial Police Force in 11 of the 13 Proviences and Territories.  So they take care of everything from speeding tickets on the highway to the Prime Ministers security here and overseas.  There are still municipal police forces in most Canadian cities and border services are still seperate.

I just have to stand and applaude the RCMP and these members for this video telling their stories of being gay and coming out.  This is not only the case of members coming forth to tell their stories but also the RCMP as an organization standing with them.  Do they deal with us CDers?  No but this is a definiative step in the right direction and all I can do is say good job.

It Gets Better – Royal Canadian Mounted Police (BC) – YouTube.

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