Boxers or Briefs?

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Crossdressing certainly adds a different level to the “Boxers or Briefs” debate in men’s fashion, as for crossdressers it’s “Men’s Boxers or Women’s Briefs?”  I am reasonably sure that panties are the most common crossdressed item for several reasons but the most likely ones are ease of underdressing and shear eroticism.  I am sure from my Add some colour to your underwear drawer post you can guess I really do love women’s underwear but I have to question why?  Though some people say they are more comfortable I disagree panties are simply not meant for the male body and if panties are truly more physically comfortable then you are buying the wrong underwear.  In the picture above I have two pairs of underwear one men’s one women’s both made by the same company in the same size and those boxers are simply the best boxers ever, incredibly comfortable and the high wicking fast drying fabric is unbelievable.  The panties are made from the same fabric and are also incredibly comfortable, though perhaps not the sexiest panties ever, but yet not as comfortable as the boxers for numerous reasons but the main one is physical fit.  However the panties are comforting in another way which is simply I feel relaxed wearing them and those uncomfortable moments when they don’t fit quite right are a comforting reminder that I am wearing them.  I will take a bit here to attempt to analyze some features of this debate.

Women’s underwear does offer more variation as men’s underwear is limited to basically boxers, briefs and boxer briefs (sometimes referred to as sport boxers) and to limited colours (black, grey, white and blue typically).  Now panties have not only briefs but hi cut, low cut, bikini cut, control top and classic cut and that is just the briefs.   Then we have boy cut (but why would a crossdresser want something styled after men’s underwear?), Tanga, thong and g string round out the common panties. Materials in men’s are cotton blend and technical fabric where as women’s are cotton, technical, silk, smooth and silky, see through and lace (again commonly).  And finally colours don’t seem to be limited nor do patterns as in any basic panty aisle you can find black, grey, white, blue, pink or red (commonly) just as solid colour options.  So women’s underwear is much more variable as where if I don’t repeat colours I can only have twenty-four distinct pairs of men’s underwear being three styles in four colours (ignoring hideous printed boxers) but women’s I have nine styles in six colours giving me fifty-four distinct basic panties.  Then we have the material as men’s is typically a cotton blend if we just say cotton, silky smooth and lacy we have one hundred and sixty two distinct pairs of panties versus twenty-four men’s so you would only have to wash your underwear twice a year. Now there are limitations to this variation as even though you can fit two pairs of panties (or three thongs) where one pair of boxer briefs fit the variation means you’ll end up having a tonne of panties. This has become obvious for me where I now have six pairs of women’s underwear for every one pair of men’s, this has “forced” me to wear panties more often then men’s underwear.  So a major upside to women’s underwear is the variation and ability to express your self through your underwear assuming you have ample drawer space.

Cost is another factor as where women’s clothing can be costly in panties vs. boxers panties tend to be much cheaper as a pair of boxer briefs tends to cost me $9 and decent panties can be found for $3 so from a budget point of view panties are much more economical.  But variation plays a role also as even just four pairs of male briefs will cost $36 for common variation just women’s briefs in cotton will be thirty pairs or $90 worth of underwear.    Expanding that to all style and fabric combinations a full male underwear collection of men’s underwear is $216 (assuming an average of $9 a pair) and the full collection of one hundred and sixty-two women’s underwear is $486 (assuming $3 a pair average). So if you can limit your need panties can be cheaper than boxers, although it is likely you will go overboard.

Functionality must come to play also, I prefer boxer briefs as they fit well, keep “it” in check, don’t ride up and are just comfortable.  I’ll use bikini briefs for the women’s side as its what I most commonly wear as they fit well, keep “it” in check, don’t ride up and are the most comfortable.  So ignoring social stigmatism why shouldn’t we wear panties at all time? Well no good reason but there are some not bad ones. First panties are great but are not designed for the male body so they may keep genitals too much in check which can get uncomfortable over long periods of time, note I said can not will.  Secondly panties don’t have the for lack of better word flap on the front. Now many men just go over the top anyways which you would have to do with panties but well designed boxer briefs are much more comfortable when you don’t go over the top and it is convenient sometimes.  As discussed earlier however panties take up less space so for storage and are cheaper so you can have more you may increase time between laundry loads and if traveling luggage space is a premium. Boxer briefs however can be more comfortable as they are designed to fit and during physical activity this is important.

Eroticism must be addressed as it is I suspect a major influence as to why we do what we do, note erotic is not the same as sexual.  Erotic is something that may be sexually alluring and put you in the mood but is not the sexual focus.  A candle lit dinner can put people in the mood for sex but unless that candle is the sexual object (we won’t get into that) it in itself is not sexual.  Eroticism is a cultural and societal construction and varies culture to culture.  For instance in different time periods (even in European based cultures) and different locations being slightly overweight would be an attractive quality as it showed you had enough wealth to eat in excess.  There is nothing inherently sexual about underwear and it is supposed to serve a very functional purpose of reducing chafing and increasing privacy. In our society underwear, especially women’s underwear, has become very sexualized and in English we use the French word Lingerie to describe these exciting women’s undergarments even though lingerie is simply the French word for underclothes (or underwear if you so choose) but if a women says she is going to wear lingerie Hanes her way and a Playtex bra aren’t what come to mind, except when we were younger and eagerly flipping through the flyers in which case the women’s underwear page with exactly those brands was so hot.  These exciting underclothes are something we are not supposed to see unless we are close partners as they cover the most intimate parts of us.  When in movies and television shows the lead up to sexual scenes often includes the unclasping of the bra which is an erotic action not because the bra is the sexual object but because it uncovers the breasts which are likely a sexual focus.  However women’s underwear has been eroticised to a much further extent then men’s or else we would men’s underwear in lace with bows and as such regardless of whether or not a man crossdresses he is likely to find panties erotic.  We also often hear women saying how certain underwear makes them feel sexy and I can honestly not remember hearing any man saying how his sport boxers make him feel sexy, this again is a social construct of eroticism.

Thus far we have established that panties have more variation, can be more cost effective and save space while men’s underwear is more comfortable (designed for us) and can make it easier to relieve your self.  But there are severe social ramifications if you are male and caught wearing female clothing so why is it we a crossdressers when given the choice between a boring pair of white men’s cotton briefs or a boring pair of women’s cotton briefs would choose to have a harder time peeing and risk social leoparacy and snatch those panties? Because we love it. Some men who wear panties claim that they are more comfortable, they aren’t physically more comfortable period.  I can feel more comfortable in panties and why? Because they are feminine, forbidden fruit and erotic. Having to go over the top when peeing is a reminder that we are wearing them, our genitals being pushed into an uncomfortable position is comforting and at times the risk of someone seeing the feminine waist band is the whole reason we do it. We enjoy wearing women’s clothing and at times like to ‘be’ women.  Why do I wear panties? Simply because I love it as they make me feel happy, relaxed, feminine and sexy.  Why should this be such as social issue?  Why shouldn’t men be able to feel sexy and to wear incredibly erotic clothing?  Because we are men and are not supposed to feel those things, I firmly believe it is time to move on from these values and quite frankly what underwear I’m wearing has no impact on you and is none of your business.  I suppose that you could also just be jealous that I get to wear such pretty and sexy underwear while you’re stuck in boring old white cotton briefs; at least I’m man enough to admit I like feeling feminine.


6 thoughts on “Boxers or Briefs?

  1. I love that you have a whole category tag just for panties.

    There are a bunch of crossdressers who make me uncomfortable. Since I’m straight, the ones who want to talk about nothing but sex with men fall in that category. Another are the panty, ahhhh, let’s call them “aficionados” in an attempt to be nonjudgemental. They post daily reports on what color panties they are wearing; they write at length about the wild erotic thrill they get out of looking at, wearing, and smelling panties; they boast about collections numbering in the hundreds.


    This is one of those “There but for the grace of God go I” topics, though, and I really do try not to be judgemental because our difference is only one of degree. No, I don’t wear panties for the sexual thrill be I wear them, or more generally make my clothing choices, based on the sensual delight of having soft, silky fabric brushing on my skin. I sit here right now wearing not one, not two, but three leotards layered because I’m freezing my ass off and I like the feel of that spandex against my skin and the velvet on the outside layer. So who am I to say getting sexually aroused by panties is any weirder than what I do?

    The one thing I disagree about is the comfort factor. Sure, bikini briefs and cotton panties aren’t any better than, and in some cases, far more uncomfortable than men’s boxers. But that’s why I like the full-cut, all nylon panties (aka “granny panties”). My whole nether reaches from waistline to crotch and all around the butt are wrapped, even massaged by the delicate touch of nylon. Because I make sure to get them the correct size (thank you, Woman Within! Even your second-to-smallest size is amply big enough for my 42-inch waist!) there’s plenty of room for the family jewels to swing freely in their nylon cocoon.

    I got some cotton boxers a few years ago to wear for doctor visits and other occasions when someone who is not my wife might see what’s under my jeans, but I don’t think I ever even opened the package. On those rare occasions, I just wear some satiny polyester swim trunks — amazingly, from the Walmart men’s department — which are almost as nice as the panties only more socially acceptable to parade around in. I used to wear spandex bike shorts, but I figured out that beyond a certain waist size, spandex is NOT something anyone should be seen wearing. Plus, of course, spandex tends to undo any comfort benefit of keeping Little Ralph happy.

    1. I love the term “aficionados”, I know the type well and they also can make me a bit uncomfortable, on Twitter there is a large number of people who just tweet pictures of their panties. I am not saying having a collection in the hundreds would be the worst thing in the world but it does seem excessive.
      As for comfort the panties I posted are incredibly comfortable but not as comfortable as the Boxers made by the same company out of the same material are just more comfortable. Though comfort also exists in the mind which is in part what I was saying, we find them comfortable because they comfort us, some people are comfortable being whipped while blind folded, gagged and tied to a bed so it is all personal preference.

  2. “I can feel more comfortable in panties and why? Because they are feminine, forbidden fruit and erotic.” — very pretty.

  3. Some panties can lack the comfort of boxers but if they are adequately cut with a wide crotch I find them very comfortable. By and large traditional boxers do not carry the load.
    Perhaps I like the connection that wearing panties provides to my CD proclivities and that is why I like their comfort.
    In an event the boxers are for wearing when others may find me in my underwear.

  4. I first wore panties out through necessity. I got soaked in by a car throwing water up out of a deep puddle, all around my pant legs up to my waist, and had to get something to wear. I only had cash with me at the time and all I could afford was some jeggings and panties (even when they are not on sale, they are cheaper by far than mens pants and underwear). Of course I had worn them when dressing but this was one of the moments that things became more permanent. It was a landmark in some ways.

    Now all my clothes including undies come from the same section or store as the clothes cis females wear. They don’t always have to be skirts or skimpy lacy tops!!
    But nobody gets to see my panties except my and my partner, and that’s never been an issue, so I can go lacy if I feel like it. But whichever fabric, I love the different colors and designs.and they are so NOT cumbersome but light and comfortable. Sometimes I wear the kind of shapewear panties to improve my appearance when wearing some clothes, but I usually go for hipster style. It’s improved my confidence and self-image and that’s never bad. I recommend them to anybody.

  5. I wear women’s boxers or women’s briefs. Either one however must be slippery nylon in “feminine” colors with lace around the leg openings,

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