I should apologize for my absence, as I mentioned previously I have purchased a different house and have been incredibly busy with the whole moving thing.  No matter how prepared you are buying a house in a very stressful activity.  First there is the looking for a house, purchasing, financing, insuring, bills and then finally the packing and moving.  Or so one thinks but then there is the whole new house that you must move all of your stuff into which is an entirely different process as we all think “we can always move the stuff later” but you rarely actually do find a new spot.

I am not going to say that crossdressers have different concerns than everyone else but we do have a few that are important.  First as I mentioned closet space, we never have enough of it with having two wardrobes it takes a lot of space.  Another aspect to consider is privacy, I personally enjoy windows and light coming into the home yet open windows are another opportunity for your neighbours to find out you like the feminine things in life.  We ended up on a corner lot which means one less neighbour to worry about but adds the neighbourhood to the concern as they drive past two sides of the house.  I have no solution for this; I’ll just get tasteful drapes and move on with life.

I’m a very busy person and will attempt to catch up and continue with weekly posts again soon.

2 thoughts on “House

  1. Jess,

    Oh, how I can empathise with you on the move. If we get the word tomorrow, we’ll be in the same boat…and I dread it like you wouldn’t believe. But the good outweighs the bad, I suppose. We’ll have a ton of space and closets that we don’t have now, so there WILL be a dedicated closet just for my “alternate” wardrobe. Best luck, as always and write when you can.


    Randa Lane

    1. Buying houses, moving, reorganizing, sorting and driving to the wrong house. Not too mention new blinds to figure out and ensure are closed so your neighbours don’t find out oo much you.

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