Feminine Vision: What about Glasses?

I was at the optometrist this week and my vision hasn’t changed, I some blur in my left eye reading text smaller than 2 inches at 40 feet or higher. So I could use glasses but don’t really need to. I started looking around on some internet glass sites to see what was out there and had a thought “What about crossdressing?”. Now I simply wouldn’t have to wear them as my vision under 20 feet is near perfect and over I can still read all streets signs fine so of little concern. What about those people who have to wear glasses all of the time? Obviously the easiest option is to wear contacts or buy unisex frames but this is such an opportunity, not a cheap one mind you, to change your looks drastically. Changing frames can alter how you look in brilliant ways and if you were so inclined and financially able having a distinctively masculine and feminine pair of glasses could change make your transformation more extreme and perhaps camouflage your identities a bit. Let’s face facts women in glasses can be damned hot, just think of the sexy librarian with here feminine black framed glasses? Now imagine her with unisex frames. Is she quite as sexy? So glasses could help to complete an image. I wear very good polarised sunglasses and though I wouldn’t be willing to cough up $200 for women’s sunglasses $30 for a women’s pair for every once and while outside, in the sun en femme I may be more willing. If I needed to wear glasses all of the time and needed them to see I may consider ordering a women’s pair from an online supplier as they may not have to be good just good enough. But is it a justifiable cost? Assuming you don’t have terrible vision and you can get them online or on a good sale women’s glasses are going to set you back $150 starting and go up as high as you want really. But assuming good sales or cheap suppliers let’s say you keep it under $400. How can one justify such an expense for crossdressing? Silicone breast forms $150-$900, wig $50-$300, corset $100-$400, Cosmetics I’m not even going to price out and just think of the increased cost of razors from shaving more than your face. I would argue that the right distinctively feminine glasses would improve your female image more than any of those other expensive items and you actually need to wear glasses you likely don’t need the corset you just like it. I suppose you could also buy womens frames and just have plain lenses put in to achieve a look but then you run the risk of people who have to wear glasses slapping you. In my opinion if you need to wear glasses I suggest buying a unisex frame but if you have an option of getting a his and hers pair of glasses it may be an option considering.

Anyone out there who need to wear glasses who can add to this?

6 thoughts on “Feminine Vision: What about Glasses?

  1. There’s a bunch of places to get dirt cheap glasses online. As in, under $20 a pair, even under $10. Zenni, Goggles4u, Globaleyeglasses, Eyebuydirect are some I’ve ordered from. Coastalcontacts and Firmoo often have almost-free deals for first-time customers. If you want name-brand frames, try Framesrx.com; when I comparison shopped for one particular frame, they were the cheapest.

    Thrift stores sometimes have used glasses, usually very cheap. If you’re not lucky enough to find a pair you can see through, send them away to have new lenses put in, or take them to a local optician if you’re brave. (specsonthenet.com (UK), 18004glasses.com (USA) are a couple of cheap places for new lenses) Learn which of the frills like antireflection coating, “thin and light”, etc you can live without, and that’ll keep the cost down. (Walmart will do no frills lenses for about $60, single vision or bifocal). If nothing else, thrift store glasses are good for trying out different styles (take pictures of yourself if you can’t see through the lenses).

    My everyday glasses are a vintage pair of brown/crystal browline cateyes; conservative enough to pass as unisex (no rhinestones or engraved aluminum trim). (If you go for vintage plastic frames, beware of yellowing plastic, which means the plastic is deteriorating and becoming too brittle to put new lenses in.)

  2. To be honestbI’ve long held that glasses have no real gender identity at all, sans perhaps the color of the frames.

    My regular frames are narrow lenses with black frames. I really liked them, even though the shop keeper told me they were “women’s frames.” Personally, I think he wanted to make a buck, since they were 20% cheaper than all the other frames. Poor thing — little did he know that I love women’s things in any case!

    1. I mostly agree with you in that most styles not paying attention to colour are gender neutral though some are quite distinctively gendered. My thought is that if you can have a second pair that complete your image more and fits in your budget then go for it.

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