Feminine Packaging Frustrations

So I placed an order for some items from http://www.thebreastformstore.ca and my package arrived and I’ll do an unboxing:

A normal enough looking box:

bfsorder 1

Then I open it up to find:

bfsorder 2

Purple packing paper not a bad touch but what is that pink thing?  Looks like a flower petal.  What would a flower petal be doing in my underwear (among other things) order?

bfsorder 3

It was a flower petal and there are more of them.  I know I ordered some women’s underwear from a crossdressing supplier but what is with the flower petals?  Not all of us have a need to be enthralled with all of the feminine trappings we just like wearing women’s clothing and perhaps emulating women.  The purple paper was a nice touch but the flower petals may be a bridge too far.  I bring this up because we as crossdressers often reinforce feminine stereotypes which is not of benefit to anyone really as it is what feminists have been working against for some time.  I think we never learned to be women through normal channels so we are imposing what we have been taught femininity is upon ourselves.  I like feeling feminine but I have no need to feel rose petal girly.

Aside from that their service as always was quite good.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Packaging Frustrations

  1. Hmmmm….I think *I* would like a few flower petals in those kind of packages, if only for the fragrance. 🙂


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