How long till a Feminine Vacation would become mundane?

I like many crossdressers have often wondered what it would be like to be a woman and to experience living daily as a woman. There of course are issues like I would not have grown up and experienced being a girl and then becoming a woman process but that in some ways is moot. There are certain things we would not experience like our first period or the sex talk from the other side. Some first experiences we do share such as our first time wearing a bra, putting on makeup or first time out wearing heels, the difference being these moments for women are celebrated and for us hidden away. The main issue is that all current technology to experience being a woman is very long and permanent. I myself have no desire to be a woman permanently and quite enjoy being male, but there is a part of me that desires to know what it’s like to have my flesh filling my bra cups, not having to tuck to achieve a flat front and of course experiencing sex from the other side as women certainly seem to enjoy it.
What if there was a technology that would let one switch and become a woman with the full ability to switch back?  This could allow one to take a Feminine Vacation, just like every other vacation but switching sexes.  I’m not talking about something that would let me switch for a day a week or something but just a one time switch to female and then at some point later back to male. How long would I need for it to become mundane and normal? It is pretty obvious that one day wouldn’t be near enough, I doubt a weekend would suffice either. In a single jam packed week I could experience many things that I’d like to try but I would still be too excited and learning my body, I’m sure having breasts would still be damned exciting. A month I think would be when things start to feel a bit more normal and it is long enough to experience a day to day life as a woman.  So a month would seem to be the minimum amount of time that it would take for it to become somewhat normalized, though would it be mundane?

I will go through a couple points here:

  • Clothing:  We already indulge in this as it is so even though having panties fit right would be exciting at first since many of us wear panties anyways I’m sure those would be the first to become normalised and mundane.  The thrill of being able to wear women’s clothing all of the time would also be exciting for a while but even at this point if we wear a skirt enough it becomes fairly normal.  I suppose being able to shop and try on women’s clothing without any fear or trepidation would also take some time to become mundane.   The Brassiere on the other hand may be very exciting for some time as would now have the flesh to fill them and would actually be able to feel the cups on our flesh and I am quite sure it would take some time for this to become mundane, even though we would lose the option of wearing a bra (depending on the size of breasts) that limitation would likely be a thrill in itself.  There is one item of clothing that may add a thrill, a Bikini, as they leave nothing to the imagination and are really only possible to wear in public if you are a GG.  I’m sure that little thrill would take some time to become mundane.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care:  Though I am sure the need to sit down to pee all of the time would become mundane in short order (I would likely find it irritating from the get go, peeing standing up is a major plus side of having a penis) and shaving legs is something many of us already do but there are a few things that would be exciting as they wouldn’t be needed.  No more need to shave our face, back or chest would be a massive advantage; though I have to wonder if we would notice it with everything else going on?  There would be the option of wearing makeup all of the time but many women don’t and since make up isn’t one of my “things” this would likely be mundane after a couple days for me.  Learning to style our hair in a feminine way all of the time could be interesting and being able to try whole different styles may never become mundane truthfully.  I have no need to comment on menstruation as that seems like a definitive down side to having a vagina but we would then have an “our first period” moment.
  • Social Life:  This could take some time to get used not only things like using the women’s washroom and the subtle differences in the way people view and interact with the sexes but even things like being called Miss or Mam.  How often in customer service do people use the terms Mister or Sir when interacting with a customer?  It is an interesting experiment to in your head replace these terms in your head every time some uses them with you.  There is also the interaction with friends to consider, if they know you are on a Feminine Vacation how would they interact with you?  Would they want to sleep with you?  That would be rather awkward to say the least.  Heading out to the bar and being hit on by men and then putting up with much of the bullshit women put up with like being groped or just being viewed as sex objects, mind you that could also be part of the thrill for some. Employment would be strange to say the least as how would you explain suddenly being a woman at work?  Even if you were to do the same job elsewhere the workplace dynamics would be totally different, not to mention the insanity of having so many options of what to wear to work.  Though I suppose one may just take the time off but if we are going for experiencing life as a woman than working seems essential, and depending on how long your Feminine Vacation lasted.
  • Sex:  This is the largest question to answer in many respects.  I’m not into men but would I be too tempted to try heterosexual sex from the other side? Though a strap-on could give me a decent approximation as too what that would be like it may be damned tempting to go for the real thing.  So assuming I would engage in lesbian sex and have a whole new body to try out it could take some time for it to become normal.  Honestly I think I could really get into lesbian sex, most heterosexual men want to be involved in lesbian sex just most of the time being one of the women isn’t what they are thinking.  Sex currently as a male is not that mundane but we should admit we all try different things to keep it exciting and given a whole new set of possibilities the sexual adventures in themselves may never become mundane.  Then for me it seems the question would be if I would miss sex as a male more than enjoying sex as a female?  Women have the best sex toys, have a higher possibility of multiple orgasms and from the way they react to their orgasms those look pretty fantastic also (I know I have watched women having an orgasm and thought “I’ll get what she is having”).

So how long would I need for my Feminine Vacation to become mundane?  Minimum a month and maybe up to a year but in truth I really don’t know so I’ll say six months as it seems like a reasonable amount of time.  This is all just a strange mental exercise as there is no evidence that this technology will be available ever and most likely not within our lifetimes but a boy can dream of being a girl can’t he?

Thoughts on how long your feminine vacation would be?  A day to a year and none of this “never ever changing back” as then it isn’t a vacation.

3 thoughts on “How long till a Feminine Vacation would become mundane?

  1. Jess, now I remember why I have missed your posts so much! Intriguing, exciting, well thought out, tightly written — all are words/phrases that come to mind. I’ll read this one several more times just in case I missed a nugget in earlier readings. 🙂 So good to c u agn!


    1. Thank you very much. Truthfully I works on posts for weeks it bits and peices and when one is done I post it. Hence the massive editing. One thing that a Liberal Arts Education is good for (aside from us operating as the souls of society and being capable of critcal thought) is improving writing.

  2. I agree with the comments about good writing. Somewhere buried in the deep recesses of your existance is a frustrated copy editor.

    You did pose an interesting question. At 61 years of age I have never gone on vacation for more than a week. My attention span has never been that long and my short term memory is not a strong as in my younger days so I would venture to say that I would love the ability to flip the switch for a week.

    If I could do the deal I would like to experience the full deal and be young and pretty. Simply changing the plumbing on this big old body would not be worth the effort.


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