Layouts and themes

I have been playing around with the layout of the site as I have not found a theme that I am in love with as of yet.  Some are close but not quite and though I am tempted to pay the $30 U.S. a year to have full customization but may not be there quite yet.

A few features I would like:

– I don’t want the entire post up in a big long scroll fest as I do write some long posts.  I prefer the first few lines or ideally an abstract that the reader clicks on.  This is for two reasons first I like the look and feel and second then my page stats show me what people are viewing specifically.

– Scrolling down is not required I like the multiple tiles but many of these themes show the picture and though I do use some pictures most of the time I use none so this makes the theme seem bland

– A nice clean reasonably large but not huge font.

I am a firm believer that the theme should showcase the content of the blog and not be focus of the blog and this is where I am having some issues.  A theme that shows as many possible options of what to read as possible then when the reader clicks on the post it is displayed in a clear easy to read format.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

How easy/hard is the full customization feature?

I thank you in advance for any advice you may offer.

5 thoughts on “Layouts and themes

  1. Jess, this post was VERY helpful, as I’ve been considering some changes in my blog, also. You are farther along the trail than I am and obviously more at home with “things techy,” so I’ll be reading this post again…several times…to extract all the “juice” from it. Nice job, Jess.

  2. Jess,
    I am a total Luddite on the computer and it has taken me a while to get in touch with the zen of you blog as well as its function. I would not mind a bit more information in the opening before we hit the jump. I also would prefer that when hitting the backpage arrow that it went back to the prior page. Can there be a feature giving the reader the choice of going to the home page or just back to the prior one?

    Pi314chron. Do you have a blog. If so please provide details. I like your comments to Jess.


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