My New Red(ish) Dress: Perhaps the Greatest Crossdressing Dress Ever

Red Dress 1
My new Awesome Red(ish) Dress.  Though it may not look like much it may be the greatest dress for crossdressing ever

The Girlfriend and I were out shopping yesterday when I ran across this dress in of all places Mark’s Work Warehouse (Canadian Chain) and it was on sale for $40.  Since all Crossdressers seem to have an affinity for dresses, it’s even in our name, I obviously had to try it on and since it fit so well I bought it.  I said it may be the greatest Crossdressing dress ever so I now I have to back that statement up.  A major down side to being a male to female crossdresser is that we simply do not have the proper shape to fill out the clothes properly, particularly in the chest department.

Red Dress 4
One of the features that makes this dress fantastic, the built in bra.

This means that we typically need a bra and something to fill it with to properly fill out our wardrobe and while almost anything can be used my personal favourite is my silicone breast forms (see My Breasts to see how much).  I have Silicone Breast forms that weigh about a pound each and then foam forms that weigh almost nothing but tend to ride up out the top of the bra.

This is the dress on easily holding up two pounds of silicone.  No bra, tape or glue.
This is the dress on easily holding up two pounds of silicone. No bra, tape or glue.  I really Wish I could find a bra that work this well and was this damned comfortable.

Always needing to wear a bra can limit our dress options and in summer the best dress is one without a bra.  This dress has a built in bra and the two cups inside of the dress easily support my two silicone C cup breast forms and if I use my foam ones they don’t ride up, I wish all bras were this good.  This also means I finally have a dress with a low back where my straps normally would be, scratch one of the list.

Calvin Kline Sport Boxers and my not worked out belly and neither bulge shows thanks to the loose flowing fit of the dress.
Calvin Kline Sport Boxers and my not worked out belly and neither bulge shows thanks to the loose flowing fit of the dress.

Another great part of this dress as with any flowing dress like it is that it hides that distinctive bulge in the panties.  Tight form fitting skirts and dress are fun but they are not forgiving of a little extra anywhere, around the waist or the rather shocking CD camel toe.  This means there is no need for extensive tucking, taping or use of a gaff.  Even when I tried with a pair of sport boxers the extra in the front bottom wasn’t really noticeable.

The plus side is that for those of you in (or near) Canada you can get this dress or one of many similar at Mark’s on sale and they had many other patterns to choose from, I have simply always wanted a red dress and this is though being a pinkish red is a reasonable stand in.  That and the features make it ideal for my uses.  Oh right and it looks good and is super comfortable without the need for extensive foundation garments.

Is this the ideal dress for crossdressing?  What are some features of dresses you consider when you are buying dresses?

3 thoughts on “My New Red(ish) Dress: Perhaps the Greatest Crossdressing Dress Ever

  1. That is a great dress. I am not sure that I would have bought it since I do not even think in terms of a dress that can or should be worn without a bra to hold my breasts (silicon or foam) in place. Most of my dresses do have flowing skirts so that the ‘junk package’ is not on display.

  2. Since I don’t do the boobs/bra thing — I’m just a hairy guy who happens to like wearing dresses — the built-i bra would actually be a negative for me. First thing I look for is skirt length: I like Maxi with a capital M, and that means at least 53″ from shoulder to hem. If I have to pick up the hem to climb stairs, so much the better!

    Next is fabric. Preferably light polyester for summer, but I’ll settle for a VERY soft cotton… if I wanted scratchy fabrics I’d wear men’s t-shirts and jeans. For winter, satin and velvet all the way, baby.

    Since I don’t do the boobage and I have a very hairy chest and I’m also into vintage styles, I look for a modest, high neckline. Turtleneck when I can get it in the winter, or at least crew/jewel neck. Hate cleavage-revealing (or lack-of-cleavage-revealing) v-necks, halter tops, etc.

    In the same way, I much prefer sleeved to sleeveless. I’ll concede that summer calls for more bare skin, so I do have some sundresses I like… nice snug smocked tube tops with shoulder straps on one and spaghetti straps on the other that I keep meaning to see if I can fix up with wider straps so they don’t keep falling off my shoulders.

    Last on my list of “must-have” criteria is color. Don’t care for pink or any of the pastels, really… I prefer solid colors, preferably darker shades like forest green, royal blue, or deep red. Most of what I own is solid black, which is great because sometimes when I’m wearing the dress but need to step out for a minute, I’ll just throw a pair of pants on, stuff the skirt down inside them, and from a distance it looks like I’m just wearing a tank top shirt (summer) or a turtleneck sweater (winter). It wouldn’t escape detection if a friend came in and saw me from a few feet away, but at least I don’t have to completely change clothes every time I jog down to the mailbox.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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