Time to step out (Virtually)

Been a little while since I have posted; life gets busy and dressing and by extension writing about dressing can fall to the wayside.  However something came up on twitter that I felt I should address Jamaica: Cross-Dressing Teenager Murdered.  This gave me pause and reminded me that I should be grateful to be born and raised in Canada and not some other part of the world where this sort of behaviour is allowed to go on.  Even though I often look south and scratch my head at how far behind the U.S. is on queer rights or over to France where the backlash to gay marriage has been violent and Australia still can’t get to it though New Zealand has.  Though I look at those places and think they are behind in reality Queer rights have come an incredibly long way in the last 40 years.  I sometimes forget that not everywhere is like that and a crossdressing teenager being murdered would never prompt an article calling for a fair investigation as that fair investigation would happen, except perhaps in the most backwards ignorant locales.  It should give all of us who don’t live in fear of being murdered for being different pause and thank winning the lottery of being born where we were.  Though we have fear of social backlash we won’t be chased by a mob and murdered, and no article would need to be written demanding justice as justice would be done for us.

What can we do then?  I have seen estimates that 5% – 10% of males crossdress over the years (Not sure how they figure them) and in reality that is an army if mobilised but what could that army do?  Understanding for me is the basis of humanity and while some people encourage tolerance I believe that tolerance is bullshit.  To tolerate is to put up with something no matter if you like it or not.  Like the smell of the pig barn with the ammonia burning your eyes on the highway, you have to hunker down and tolerate it if you want to keep going down the highway.  Instead we must seek to understand the other and learn to embrace their differences.  If we all did that in areas such as religion, politics and yes gender identity the world would be a better place; and we must understand that some people are just ignorant bastards.  So what could this crossdresser army do to spread understanding?  Step out of the echo chamber that is our social media is one option that even I am guilty of, I have my everyday accounts and my CD accounts, perhaps I should use my CD accounts to follow stuff that isn’t just related to dressing.  Comment on news stories and tweet about things not related in the hopes that one or two others may click on my info link and realise that there is more than a man in a pair of panties.  Out of justifiable fear we have huddled together and petri dished ourselves in our corners of the internet and support groups but in reality most of us do not run the risk of being murdered for dressing so perhaps we should all step out of our comfort zone a bit more and let our second identities be used to engage others outside of our community for the goal of understanding.  And though it may be better for everyone it is us really who though have the most to lose also have the most to gain.

One thought on “Time to step out (Virtually)

  1. I believe that it is important for all of us to get out and about as often as possible and to communicate with others as often as time allows.
    The process of gaining general acceptance is slow and ongoing. The ‘civilian’ population needs to experience meeting and interacting with pleasant, friendly, confident CDs. The more that people get to meet and know us the more accepting they will become.

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