What if there was a “cure”?

To begincure pic with I am just using “Cure” as what I’m sure the news media and many others would term it.  This is something that all of us have likely wished for but never truly thought possible being the elimination of our desire to wear women’s clothing.  If Super Multinational Pharmaceutical were to release a pill tomorrow that would remove all of your desires to crossdress with no side effects would you take it?  Obviously it would be a very well selling drug as there are many people with these desires that have not embraced them and would swallow that pill faster than you could say “I’m a man now”.  There would be ethical issues of parents treating their children, Governments debating making it mandatory and Doctors (not all of them and perhaps even a minority) saying that any who have this horrible disease should take this pill.  The question is for us who have embraced and learned to love crossdressing would we be able to swallow that pill?  It would certainly make life easier in many respects as we would no longer have this “deviant” behaviour, we would have money to spend on other activities and we would not fear the neighbours finding out.  If we decided not to take the pill we would need reasons as we would be making a choice and up to this point our choices have been to fulfill our desires or not but now we could be free from those desires.  If you were to give up crossdressing what sort of impact would that have on your life?  We have friends and experiences that are interrelated to dressing and even though our significant others may be accepting or have even embraced our alterative wardrobe it still causes stress.  What would it feel like to pull on a pair of panties after we have been “cured” of our affliction?  Would we all of a sudden be disgusted with putting them?  I am trying to contemplate how I would feel about all these years of doing what I have done and the peace I have found by coming closer to terms with this part of who I am and then to have that part of me disappear may actually make it harder for a while to readjust.  I don’t really mind being a crossdresser most of the time and so I would be unlikely to swallow that pill.

2 thoughts on “What if there was a “cure”?

  1. I would not take the pill. I like a lot about who and what I am. I am comfortable in my male personna. I love my wife and family, sort of like my job, enjoy many of my social contacts and get by just fine as the guy I have always been. I also love my dressing. I like my wardrobe and shoes. I enjoy the transformational process. I relish in the feel of panties and pantyhose, the snuggness of a bra, the flow of air under my dress. I would not want to give that up. Of course I wish I were younger, thinner, shorter and looked better as a woman but I have accepted that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    It has taken a long time for me to accept my CD nature. I know that my wife, while accepting, does live with the fear of others finding out about me and I feel bad if any of my actions ever cause distress to someone who I love deeply.

    This was an interesting and thought provoking post.


  2. I would absolutely take it. Unlike many (most?) crossdressers who value feeling like a woman all or part of the time, I discovered long ago that’s not me. I like being a man — a man who picks his nose and scratches his privates in public, likes to blow things up, never combs his hair, shaves once a month for special occasions, leaves dirty clothes wadded up on the floor… the fact that some of those clothes happen to be skirts, dresses, slips, pantyhose and nightgowns hardly enters into it at all 🙂

    But seriously… I love the clothes that I get to wear, but burdening my family with the secret and keeping it a secret is a pain. The fact that I *can’t* go out dressed like I prefer at home (you think it’s hard for a guy who passes as a woman to go out in a dress? Try being a guy with a full beard) is a pain.

    So if this pill would take away the overpowering desire to keep satin and nylon and velvet on my skin, feel the swirl of skirts around my ankles instead of the pinch of pants legs… I’m all for it.

    On the other hand — if it would also take away the part of me that cries in sympathy when a friend is hurting, or feels moved to sensitive acts after watching a romantic movie, or giving in to whimsical, creative impulses… not so much. Yes, I’m a guy with all the dirty, violent, competetive traits that encompasses — but I’m also a guy who cares about people and is able to nurture when the situation calls for it. If this pill took away all that… maybe I’d keep the skirts.

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