Steeping out for the evening?

An intriguing opportunity has come up for this evening and I am reasonably sure I know what I will decide but I figured I should though process this out.  The local gay bar which for a little while has not always been the most welcoming to Hetero Crossdressers is hosting a pansexual fetish night organised by the BDSM communities (straight and not at all) so come one come all in all your assorted fetish gear, BDSM, Furries, and dressers etc.  I was at one previously not dressed as it was after a wedding and the after party was at the gay bar (two guys got married) but some people from parts of my life that do not know about my alternative wardrobe selections were there also.  So this evening gives me an opportunity to step out which I don’t do nearly often enough but there are a few things holding me back:

 Drag Queens – I’m not one of them and they have this whole weird complex culture with a focus on illusion and basically cosplaying a stereotype of women.  I can’t stand when they try to tell me how to dress.

 Shoes – I have large feet and feminine shoes are hard to come by.

 What to wear – Should I wear a summer dress and carry a purse or a blouse and jeans?

 How far do I go? – I don’t often go for the entire illusion thing but perhaps I should whip out a razor and cut some of this back so I don’t offend too many people.  I don’t typically wear make up so I’m pretty sure I won’t be this evening.  I typically don’t wear wigs but perhaps to settle the locals I should consider it.

 Opening myself up to the world – This isn’t easily excused such as it is for Halloween this is a non-excuse wear your fetish for the world to see event.  Am I ready for that?

 I will defiantly go the questions becomes what am I going to wear? I really do need to open myself up a bit more and this is the ideal event I just have to decide how far to go, and yes I know I am the only who can answer that question.

One thought on “Steeping out for the evening?

  1. I hope that you went out and that you post a blog of your experiences. I am at an age where I do not buy green bananas or pass up a place to go to the bathroom. At the same time I try to avail myself of dressing and going out as often as possible.

    While under very limited circumstances I may be confused as being a woman I accept the reality that at my size and age I will be clocked as a guy in a dress. I try to look as womanly as possible and if I go out I will be in a dress or skirt suit, wig, makeup, hose and heels.

    I have found that primarily LGBT bars have been accepting and safe. I think that most LG people do not understand us hetero CDs so I see this as a form of outreach.

    One of the bars that I go to has a weekly drag bingo night. The DQ that runs the bingo is fabulous but was at first somewhat standoffish towards me. One night when it was not drag bingo a shy, polite young man came up to talk to me. I nearly fell of my bar stool when he told me he was the DQ on bingo night. We have since become friendly but his dressing and mine are different in many ways.

    Keep on keeping on. It is nice to see you updating your blog again.


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