I’m not dead I swear

No I didn’t get stabbed at the kink night and I am still quite alive, I will put a follow up post to that in the next few days I will put up a follow up post.  The more immediate concern is that I have been negligent as of late in keeping up my blog here.  I apologise but I have once again started school and find myself with less time and am also forced to focus my writing elsewhere.  Luckily I am in my final year of this Honours program that I have been working for way too many to achieve although people are already pushing me to do a masters degree as if this isn’t enough.  I will be around here and there and apologise for seeming like I don’t care, I have been reading when possible just no time to write.   

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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