Online Secrecy

Many of us try to engage in this online social world in a manner that does not lead back to our offline lives.  So there is a need for secrecy online so how do we ensure that our secret is never accidentally let out online?  There is only one way NEVER GO ONLINE there is no way to guarantee that your secret will remain so online.  I can guarantee you that Google knows you or someone at your IP address is a crossdresser.  So the question is to how to minimise our little secret getting out?

  1. If you share a computer with others in the household have different logins for each family member
  2. Use a separate web browser for your CD activity so your browsing history in particular does not accidently cross over or the autocomplete function kicks in with some uncomfortable completions or uncomfortable ads and suggestions on Amazon.
  3. If you are really trying to run under the radar don’t save any passwords or bookmarks and clear the browsing history after each use.  But that seems redundant however you can turn on private browsing mode and if you save bookmarks don’t put  them in a folder called anything really use an existing folder that came with the browser such as Microsoft Technical information or Mozilla and put a sub folder in their because it is unlikely anyone will go into those.
  4. Have a separate email.  There are lots of places that offer them for free so go get one.  Do not have it download to your desktop software.  Perhaps your phone but if your phone is supplied by work this is also not the best plan.  Don’t have your login information saved in the browser as even if they don’t have the password the user name Sissycdcamilla is likely a tip off.  Get a user name that is a little less obvious.
  5. Turn geo locating off on all programs and apps such as your femme twitter and if your taking pictures turn of the geo tags there also.
  6. Don’t use Facebook check in or foursquare check in at the CD meeting location or Victorias Secret

Those are just a few tips to reduce the chances that your online and offline paths will converge though I am not able to guarantee that it will not come out.  Though the risk is minimal ensure it is tolerable risk because in the end life isn’t worth living without some risk.

One thought on “Online Secrecy

  1. Thank you for the tips. It is often rather important that we maintain a separate online identity as we read and comment on crossdressing related blogs.

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