Dress Relief?

I have not been keeping up on this blog lately not as much because I don’t have time but because I haven’t had the same desire to blog or dress.  I have had changes in my life that has reduced the overall stress a great deal as I was living a double life.  Not in terms of my crossdressed and the rest of my life but that I was a full time student and a full time employee and it was burning me out and life circumstances made it possible for to quit my job and concentrate on school.  That was about a year ago and since the massive amount of stress has been taken off of my shoulders I haven’t had the same need to dress and by extension haven’t been thinking about things to write about.  Not to say I gave up on it I am far too invested in lingerie and personal time to through in the skirt just yet and I do really do enjoy it.  This made me wonder if maybe I’m a stress dresser, much like a stress eater where you indulge as required but then when the stress piles on you really indulge perhaps in excess.  I know many crossdressers say that it is a stress reliever (Dress Reliever?) and I knew it was for me also but I never realised to what extent it was until I cut a massive amount of stress out of my life and I dressed less.

Why is this so?  I have a suspicion that when we put on clothes we also put on a separate part of ourselves that we separate from the everyday and we do not associate the daily stress with our feminine clothes.  Though I always argue against the separation of the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves, since gender separation is an oppressive social construct we should kick in the teeth, I also know that we all have different aspects of ourselves that we present at different times.  There are entire theories dedicated to how we present different aspects of ourselves (See Erving Goffman’s Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (seriously his work is really approachable and applicable, Stigma is another good one)).  I’m going to skip some of the technical details of the theory as you can read up on it yourself, knowledge is always helpful, but we present ourselves in specific ways in specific settings is the really basic idea.  We all have different roles depending on the setting such as how we act at home and how we act at work.  However I suspect that crossdressing as a stress reliever is part enjoyment of the activity (the clothing, eroticism, femininity) and part separating oneself from the stressful aspect of ones life.  If the stress is associated with boxers then it makes sense that taking them off and putting on panties would be a reliever as the panties are not associated with the stressor, unless of course you are stressed about crossdressing.  I am not saying this is a bad thing but if you find yourself crossdressing more then before it may not be you becoming more gender ambiguous but that you are having increased stress in your life and as such you are indulging in your stress reliever more.  Though crossdressing may give you a break you should ensure you effectively deal with the stressors in your life so crossdressing doesn’t become unhelpful escapism.

That said I really should write more as I do have ideas to write about, I have time and I am able to have a bit more fun here then when I am writing for school.  I hope this quick little write up makes some sense and explains some of my perspective as to perhaps why we dress at times.

As always I love comments but I am also going to try an experiment and put in a poll.  I am not sure if enough people read my blog to give me an accurate account but perhaps over time an interesting picture will come up.  Thanks

3 thoughts on “Dress Relief?

  1. I think the main determinator in my dressing is time and opportunity but now that we are empty nesters and my wife has become accustomed to having me about the house while dressed the stress of ‘needing to dress’ has abated somewhat. While I can generally dress around the house she still has concerns if I want to go out. Dressing does relieve lots of stress.

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