How long can I last?

I have often wondered how far down the rabbit hole I am willing to go in terms of dressing?  I have gone a month straight wearing panties just to see what that was like and it was interesting to say the least.  That came about because I noticed I had quite the collection of panties and decided that I should thin them out and only keep the ones that I could wear for a day, excluding the more specialised ones such lace and ruffled.  So for about four weeks everyday I wore a different pair of panties until I had worn all the ones I owned.  So I wore all different types of styles, colours and fabric and came to the conclusion that the bikini brief panty is the best for crossdressing for reason I will get into at another time.  The question that then comes to mind is how long could I handle embracing femininity? In other wards how long could I live wearing women’s clothing exclusively?  I am typically not able to wear anything other than panties or women’s jeans for more than a few hours.  I have often times tried to challenge myself to see how long I could go and if I could get over that hump of needing to take it all off.  Maybe 8 hours at present is my max.  Think of it like when you put on a nice suit for a wedding and though you enjoy looking good but after 8 hours you’re more than ready to it off.  I want to know how far I could go.

It would depend on a few variables such as level of feminisation and how much of my everyday life I would need to continue with.  Level of feminisation isn’t as kinky as it may sound but I am pretty sure panties, bras, jeans and a t-shirt would be easier than panties, bra, breast forms, corset, garter belt, stockings, dress, heels, purse, wig, make-up and all the rest of the ultra femme mode attire required.  If I were to wear panties, bra, jeans and a t-shirt (women’s jeans and t-shirt of course) I would likely to be able to last a fair amount of time (maybe indefinite) assuming I didn’t need to go out of the house much.  If I filled those empty bra cups I could likely still get a reasonable amount of time assuming I didn’t have to go out to places where I needed to take off my coat (it is winter right now and at -30 large puffy coats that hide all your curves are perfectly acceptable).  A purse is a definite give away but thankfully not all women need to carry a purse.  I have some time off coming up and perhaps I will just take all my male clothes and move them out of my closet and see how long I can go with just my women’s clothing.  Kind of an interesting experiment and I will let you know.  I will just swap out my clothes for the feminine equivalent, so I won’t go all dress and hosiery but everyday women’s wear and see how it goes, but femme extreme will always be an option.  Breasts will be an option for the mood I’m in.  Not sure if I will make one day or a week.  This could be fun.

How long do you think you could go?  Please add it in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “How long can I last?

  1. No way I could go more than a day in total femme attire, but that is because I don’t really have basics like jeans or t-shirts. I’m all blouses, skirts, dresses, and heels when it comes to feminine clothes. I do underdress quite a bit and have even done a similar 30+ days wearing panties. BTW, love the blog!

    1. Thanks. I let it slide there for a few months but I’m going to try to keep on top of it a bit better this time. I will put a post up regarding how long I last, The challenge will be to see how long before it becomes too much to handle.

  2. I am pretty much in line with Valsouth. Most of my girl clothes are dresses and skirts. I do not think at my age and size that I can pass but with the right outfit, wig and makeup I think I blend in and I have found comfort by being myself, basically a guy in a dress. I do wear panties and pantyhose under my slacks all the time and have recently been wearing a bra and cami/slip under my shirts. I have some small ‘chicken cutlet’ enhancers that I put in my bra and I do not think anyone has noticed. This winter I have also been keeping my toenails polished.
    I find that the dressing to whatever extent is possible for the circumstances provides peace and good feelings.

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