How long did I last?

As I stated in my previous post I had decided to see how long I could go living just wearing women’s clothing and the answer was about 24 hours; though I suspect I could go longer.  I only went 24 hours not as much because I couldn’t handle it anymore but because it was taking some of the fun out of dressing.  I enjoy crossdressing and I find it fun and relaxing and when I starts to become everyday it is a little less fun and since I am not Transgendered I don’t have that need to live as a woman.  I am happy that I made and effort and I will certainly push myself for more full day or even multiple day adventures but when my fun becomes every day I don’t enjoy it as much.  Just as with the switching only to panties though it was a nice everyday little thrill that thrill went down slowly over the weeks and at the end putting on my boxers became a joy.  Though I believe I should indulge more as there is no reason for me not too I am also not going to force myself.  A few things I will do:

– Wear panties whenever I get the urge because really why shouldn’t I?

– Ditch the breasts a little more often.  I really do enjoy having those feminine curves but breast forms silicone or fabric get hot and bothersome after awhile so I really just have to remind myself Breasts are not required

– Get a couple more everyday women’s tops.  I have a shortage of women’s tops that are less obviously feminine for wearing out everyday, ie. Women’s T-shirts which are only slightly different then men’s so everyday casual wear is possible.

So there you have it my grand experiment lasted one day but because I was getting bored and wanted to ensure I kept my dressing fun.  Though I suppose if someone was looking at ‘curing’ themselves going full time for a while could be a possibility as it could:

a) Get rid of the need to dress for a while as you got your fill, your feminine gas tank would be full.

b) All the mysteries of womanhood would laid bare and you would never have a need to dress again as women’s clothing and the everyday would be demystified

c) Make you want to dress more because you enjoyed it so much

d) Make you realise you actually want to be a woman and go down that road

e) Do nothing at all

I do suggest you give it shot as you never know until you try, I got a few more answers from this little adventure in gender bluring maybe you would also.

3 thoughts on “How long did I last?

  1. I was hoping you were going to make it a week+, but you’re right, if your are doing it just to do it and not getting that sense of pleasure dressing brings, then what’s the point?
    I have never had the opportunity to dress for more than 8 hours but I would love to give the experiment a try sometime.

    1. Ya I was planning on making it a week but after a day I got kinda bored and the fun was going out of it for me. Though I do suggest doing an experimental time period of at least 24 hours and see how it goes.

  2. I have gone 3 days at a convention on the last day of the convention it was back to boy shorts and that was almost like cross dressing then No one recognized me. I did miss the makeup.
    I agree 24 hrs maybe 48 and I am done It losses the thrill and the thrill is what makes it fun. I want to keep it fun

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