Jess’s Polling Station is open

So a little while ago I did a test poll to see if perhaps people would be willing to click a poll question more than leaving a comment.  So I have put a few Polls up on a new page here on my blog Jess’s polling station: I have questions and hope you have answers.  There are a few polls up right now with some inspired by older posts and others just asking a question.  You can make suggestions in the comment section of the page and I will toss up your ideas and will make sure I note it was your Idea on the page.  I am interested to see what happens with this little experiment so please spread the word and perhaps we can all learn something.

2 thoughts on “Jess’s Polling Station is open

  1. Four people have voted in a 24 hour period, which is pretty good for my little corner of cyberspace. Of course you can view the results of the polls by clicking the View Results button. I am expecting the numbers will go up a bit more over the weekend since traffic always seem to increase over the weekend, likely because we have time.

    1. It will be interesting to see the results. I guess I was number 3. I had only looked at the percentage results then realized after completion that only a couple others had participated.
      I’m sure there will be more..

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