Stats, what are people reading?

So I looked at my all time stats page today and found that these posts have been the most read on my page:

Home page / Archives   4,664
So I’m a Crossdresser now what?   2,866
En Femme Halloween   2,451
How to Wear Thong Underwear: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow   1,211
So who is Jess?   662

Now the front page/archives being the most viewed page is not surprising but a while back I got around to changing the layout of my blog so people would have to actually click on a post to read it.  This was for two reasons one being that it is easier to scroll through a blog that way and most importantly so that I would be able to see what articles people seem to be most interested in reading.  These may not be the most accurate since I made this change later in the blogs life but they are still of interest.  The most viewed and commented on topic is my So I’m a Crossdresser now what? page and people seem to be really engaged by what I wrote here which makes me happy as I wrote it as something I would have liked to have found myself a decade ago.  It was written as a “Don’t worry be yourself as your aren’t s sick freak and do what you enjoy as we are all in this together” sort of thing and since it has been accepted as such I am very content with that.  This is also the only page to keep getting comments months after being posted. 

After that is En Femme Halloween and when I look further back I find that it gains popularity starting in August and September which continues until November when there is a drop and then it slowly goes down with the lowest numbers being the months furthest away from Halloween.  So people are actually reading about crossdressing for Halloween and seem to planning it for a period of time leading up and a quick scan of the search terms that lead to my page confirms this as about a quarter of the terms have something to do with “Crossdress Halloween”. To those people I hope I have helped.

Next is How to Wear Thong Underwear: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow which half as many as the Halloween post but it has been a very popular post on this blog recently, which is a little depressing since I didn’t actually write much for it.  What is interesting about this post is that it is a How To post, in other words people seem to be wanting to know how to crossdress and not just what it is.  Though I wonder why the thong is so popular? 

In summary people appear to hitting these sites for answers to two key questions: First “What does it mean to be a crossdresser?” and second “How does one crossdress?”.  What does it mean to be a crossdresser is simply that you like to have feminine aspects to your closet or life and you can either fight it or go with it and though neither path is easy in my opinion you might as well go with it because at least then you get the clothes you desire.  If I had been given the option of being a crossdresser or not I would likely not have chosen it but now I am not sure if I would want to get rid of it.  The second question is also of interest as people seem to need to how to wear clothing, women’s clothing isn’t that mysterious really and it’s funny that we all at one point seemed to think it was.  There is no deep dark secret in those panties, bras, skirts, or the most most mysterious aspect of womanhood the purse so really just experiment and play as that is what makes it part of the fun.

I would be interested not only for comments about my personal analysis but also what pages have been popular on your own blogs? Am I correct in my own two questions?  I didn’t put “How do I deal with Crossdressing” as I find that question rather negative in its proposition and that search engine terms that linked to my page didn’t seem to ask that question. 


I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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