Panty Underdressing tips

I feel I should write something about underdressing and panties. Panties as I have said previously are likely the most popular item of women’s clothing for underdressing for a few reasons but most likely because they are the least likely to be noticed by others. They are also the easiest way to integrate a little femininity into your daily life, only you know what underwear you are wearing and it is simply substituting one item of clothing for another. Last year I decided to challenge myself and only wore panties until I had worn every pair of panties I owned for a day, excluding gaffs, ruffled, and lace panties as those are terrible everyday all day panty options so just normal daily wear panties. So I thought I would give my opinion to those looking at some underdressing hints and tips

Fit: Though it may be fun to wear something that is constantly reminding you that you are wearing it at the same time is likely best to wear panties that are comfortable for all day wear. So choose carefully and ensure they are not too tight or loose. Also remember we don’t have female bodies so while we need a little extra give in the front we also don’t have hips. So you may actually be surprised as to how small of panties you may need to wear. I wear a men’s XL in boxers but typically a Women’s large panties simply because I have no hips.

Fabric: I will leave this up to you but I am unable to suggest cotton panty briefs as at that point you might as well be wearing men’s cotton briefs at that point as aside from the fabric pattern and the flap on the front they are pretty much the exact same thing. Though I also do not suggest really silky smooth panties either as some may see this as an excitement issue I am more concerned with the fact that the reduced friction would let your shirt ride up more and revealing you pretty underthings. I personally prefer the spandex nylon blended ones that are slick but not silky.

Colour: If you are wearing a suit all day then this is mostly a moot point as your panty band is never going to be seen so wear whatever colour you want, this also goes for coveralls. If you are just wearing a shirt and pants (or shorts I suppose) a bright pink underwear band is a sure fire give away that they aren’t men’s underwear. Simple black or white bands on the panties are far less likely to be noticed and while not as fun defiantly less noticeable.

Frills and Lace: Though lacy and or frilly lingerie can be fun for a night or a few hours they are not as comfortable for all day wear. Also remember that these items of clothing are not designed for the male body and that extra we have up front and some uncomfortable chafing can occur with lace. Ruffled panties also kind of fun but after a few hours of sitting on them you will be kicking yourself for your choice.  That and a frilly or lacy panty band sticking up above your pants is bound to draw some attention.

Style: The most popular panty types are briefs: traditional panty briefs (Granny Panties), bikini briefs and boy cut briefs. Out of these three I go with the Bikini brief because they are very functional and still reasonably sexy, the lower sides means they are less likely to ride up and a proper pair can be just as comfy as boxers. Thongs are a possibility as the unique design may actually have the fabric wrap the extra in front. They come in a large variety of colours and have that distinctive feminine feel. Though there are also draw backs to these feminine vixens and that is mainly the Whale Tail ride up. Since they have a similar cut to other panties and are just missing some fabric they are not held down by your butt cheeks. This means, likely by design, that the rear will ride up more and be shown more and there is no way to confuse a thong panty line with anything else. Secondly they are also an all-day minor wedgie, from experience you do get used to them but it can be distracting at first.

My Choice:  So my choice for comfortable fit, not readily noticeable, all day while still being sexy panties are: Bikini Briefs with a thong being second. I live in Canada and have found that my personal favourite for all of the above reasons at La Vie en Rose and their seemless panties in bikini or thong style are sexy and good for all day wear and sexy.

Thoughts?  Are these valid suggestions for all day panty wearing?  Any other brands we should all be trying?  Toss them in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Panty Underdressing tips

  1. I am the king/queen of underdressing. You have panties covered fairly well. I have long been wearing pantyhose as well under my dress slacks. Because I favor a nylon panty and nylon/spandex pantyhose and because I am a pretty big guy I have found that it works best for me to wear my panties on the outside of my pantyhose rather than under my pantyhose as I believe most women wear them. I find that they stay in place better with the pantyhose on my skin then anchored by a panty with some stretch. While I do wear socks over my hose clad ankles most of the time, when I am just out and about or out to dinner or a movie with my wife I will eschew the socks and let my stocking clad ankle show. So far I have not been caught…to my knowledge.

    This winter I have also been underdressing in a bra with my chicken cutlet breast enhances and also a camisole or slip. I wear a t shirt and a regular button down shirt over the bra and slip and sometimes even a vest or jacket. I do not think that anyone, other than my wife, has figured this out but I do have to be careful in picking my spots to ‘adjust’ my bra straps.

    I have had my close calls. A few good friends (both men and women) tend to greet me wit a hug or pat on the back. I do not know if they have questioned what they could have been feeling. I only wear pantyhose. Many years ago I had on a girdle with stocking attached to the fobs at the base of the girdle. I was at a business dinner with an attractive woman who was part of our business group. She placed her hand on my thigh several times and I am sure that she found the stocking attachment to the fob. She left her hand there longer than an innocent pat on the thigh. Another time I was out of town walking across town with a business associate. I was wearing thigh high stay up stockings that were failing to stay up. First one leg and then the other slid down to where they were peeking out from under my slacks. This was a broad daylight panic situation with me doing what I could to make him look anywhere but down at the ground.

    During the winter I also keep my toes polished. I find that these manifestations of my dressing proclivities help me feel proper and good.


    1. Underdressing is a strange mix of relaxing and stressful, the relaxing thrill of wearing the clothes we prefer with the stressful eroticism in the danger of being caught. Though the distinctive down side I have always found is simply overheating, pantyhose under pants on the wrong day can over heat me, Not mention any form of silicone against the chest on a hot day. Since winter is coming to an end it ironically becomes harder to under dress, as you seem to fully aware of also. Such is the way of things I suppose

  2. As Jessxdress noted,
    “Underdressing is a strange mix of relaxing and stressful, the relaxing thrill of wearing the clothes we prefer with the stressful eroticism in the danger of being caught.” Truer words have not been spoken!

    However, I will add one comment. Regarding Bra’s and camisoles. . . After underdressing for some 40 years. . and frequently a bra with small forms. . I have never had someone who hugged me notice. Even with blatant bra straps to be felt.

    People don’t expect to find them and they are not looking for them. Bra clips in back, same thing. .Most people seem focused on a brief hug and never notice.

    As for panties, I have been wearing them just as long. . Tastes have changed over the years and these days, I mostly go for what is comfortable and fits well. . Not the cute “sexy” stuff that got my attention years ago. Although I still remember my first pair of flesh colored panties were quite a thrill! How times change!

  3. I’m not the normal CD guy. I actually prefer underdressing to complete feminization at home, when alone. When underdressed, something clicks in my brain and I become what seems like a 16yo girl. It’s a fact that when wearing panties and pantyhose (never stockings. I enjoy the added compression around my waist) with a bra, that’s never going to get noticed. By MY brain tells me to show my fem side to attractive guys. (I guess I must be bi.) Last week, while underdressed in downtown Chicago, I stopped in one of the ubiquitous nail salons. Since I had pantyhose on, I couldn’t get a pedicure, but I sat right down in the empty chair with my nail choice, I pretty light, subtle pastel pink (always pink. Or baby blues.) The manicurist could not have been less interested. After the twenty minutes it took, when I was out on the sidewalk, every cute guy that was coming towards me made me touch the front of my silky shirt, making my hands and painted nails obvious to anyone looking. I didn’t get any response other than a smile here and there.

    I have, twice now, gone out in the Loop when it’s very busy, wearing beige pantyhose. Big deal? Well, I wear them with silky nylon basketball shorts and Nike high tops. My entire calf and knee are obviously encased in pantyhose. My legs are shaved, so there’s no ugly hair that makes it look like Willy Nelson robbing a bank.

    But you know what reaction I got? None. None at all. If people, especially women, have noticed; they’ve either been too polite or not interested enough to say anything. It’s frustrating, yet at the same time I think “Who cares? That’s great that I’m being left alone!” The lake breeze on my nylon covered smooth legs is amazing. It’s the nicest, sexiest feeling I’ve ever had while underdressing.

    But take my advice: wear your pantyhose with shorts. Get a manicure with pink polish. Wear that bra with a light-colored shirt. I guarantee, no one will care. Not one.


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