The Opposite Feeling

So this meme has been floating around for a bit now and I find it funny how for women after a long day at work they get home and getting the bra off is the best part of their day.  They are able to relax in comfort.  Where as for us crossdressers the best part of the day is often getting home and putting the bra on to relax in comfort.  This moment for us isn’t the best part of the day but one of the worst for some.  Though I would like to experience that feeling of relief when I unhook my bra and my breasts fall free just once, but that is unlikely to happen so I will have to be content with the relief of putting one on.  Funny how the world works in such opposite feeling in the world


3 thoughts on “The Opposite Feeling

  1. I enjoy the comfort of wearing pantyhose and panties under my slacks every day and more and more, in the winter time I will also wear a bra and slip under my heavier tops. My new office style often includes a vest which tends to help hide the bra straps.
    I will wear a bra as much as possible and I will even sleep in my bra with breast forms when the opportunity arises.
    I know most women cannot wait to take off their bra and pantyhose but I feel the opposite.
    Along those lines most women cannot wait to kick off their heels. I cannot wait for the opportunity to put my on.

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