Tired of walking around the Women’s clothing section

The other day I was walking through a store and cut through the women’s clothing section and found myself fighting off the urge to look and I noticed how uncomfortable I was because men are supposed to be uncomfortable in the women’s section even though the panties and jeans I was wearing were from the same area of that store from a few weeks prior. As men we are taught that women’s clothing is a mystery and something to only be viewed on a woman’s body for erotic purposes and viewing or touching it at any other point in time will suck the masculinity right out of us and make our penis shrink. Women in the men’s department looking through clothes is considered normal even if they are by themselves; but a man in the women’s department should always be escorted, disinterested, and uncomfortable unless he is beside the fitting rooms uncomfortably staring at his phone waiting for the woman to come out. If we show any interest in the clothing then we are considered perverts even though we may simply be helping our female significant others choose what clothes look good on them, and even if we are looking at the clothes for ourselves that doesn’t make us perverts.   I am tired of this double standard as appreciating and wearing women’s clothes doesn’t make me a sexual predator and so I have decided to walk through women’s sections whenever possible and hold my head high and if something catches my eye I’ll look as things of beauty should be appreciated not shunned.

7 thoughts on “Tired of walking around the Women’s clothing section

  1. You are so right Jess…the womens clothing section of any store is regarded as a “No Go” zone for a man, unless he is in tow with his wife or girlfriend. But a lone male…he must be lost! As a typical male shopper, I’m in and out for what I need. I used to avoid “no mans land” but now if the shortest route takes me through ladies wear, so be it! I have really good peripheral vision so can take a lot in discreetly…lol.

  2. I get that same uneasy feeling when I am in the ladies section of a store. I know that most would view me as being out of place but I wonder ifa some of my uneasiness is due to the fact that I am a cross dresser and I have a heightened interest in the clothes that a non-CD would not have.
    I am now old enough to convince myself that no one cares that I care so deeply about the clothes in the ladies department. I must also confess that as I walk along the aisles in the ladies department I do let my hand pass over the fabrics.

  3. I laugh as I read this because it is silly but absolutely true! I walk into the women’s section solo and I feel as if the the lights go dark, spotlights blaze down on me, and a voice on the PA system screams “Ladies and gentlemen, we have transvestite amongst us!” 😉

    1. I often wonder if anyone really cares that much or how much of it is in my head. I assume I am not the only guy who buys women’s clothes in the city so they should be used to it. I also knew people that worked in the Sears call center and all of the crossdressers would call in late at night even though it made no difference what time of day.

  4. I always walk through the women’s department. I walk rapidly, glancing from side to side as though I’m looking for someone (and usually I am looking for my wife when we get separated), but I also keep an eye out for fashions I would like to wear.

    One year I had stopped to check the price on some lovely satin pajamas when I was startled from behind by friends from church. I hope they assumed I was pricing Christmas gifts (it was that time of year), but they never said anything and they have long since moved away. Now I’m MUCH more cautious about stopping to take a closer look. As I have mentioned, I live in a small town in the rural US midwest where half the population knows each other and the other half are related (OK, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean). And it’s a VERY conservative town — most of my friends are people I met in various churches, and most of them are redneck ranchers. Not the place where you can come out of the closet and expect to be greeted by enthusiastic support.

    A couple of years ago I got a gift card to K-Mart for Christmas, and I thought I would treat myself to a couple of slips… an expense I don’t usually want to pay because my money is better spent on dresses and nightgowns. But K-Mart didn’t have any dresses or nightgowns I liked, so I thought it was the perfect time to get a new slip or two.

    I was fortunate in that nobody I knew (see second paragraph) was in the store and the cashier, a teenage boy, had never seen me before. So I thought I would get out without drawing attention to myself when the cashier’s friend, on sacking duty, came over to “help” put my entire two items in a sack. He made a point of stopping and looking carefully at each item before putting them in the sack. I can only imagine what assumptions he was making about me before he handed me my hard-earned treasures.

    In related news, I have noticed that online retailers like Amazon and Ebay are showing ads for women’s clothing on my Facebook newsfeed, even though I do my shopping under a different email address than I use for Facebook. The only thing I can figure is, Facebook and the retailers are sharing cookie data so Facebook can say “Oh look, you were looking at nightgowns so here is an ad for new nightgowns.”

    This could be awkward if somehow my shopping habits show up on my friends’ pages, or a visitor looks over my shoulder while I am on Facebook.

    *sigh* privacy is a thing of the past.

    1. In my one post Online Secrecy I suggest using one web browser for CD and another for everything else as the cookies are within the browser and using two browsers avoids any cross pollination.
      And nothing is as heart stopping as seeing someone you know in a store, too stressful.

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