Perfect day for a Sun Dress, Shame I can’t use it

Today is a waste of a day for me in some respects because it is simply too nice of a day outside. I have a tonne of reading to do and a perfectly good yard to do it in which is fine on a nice calm sunny 23 degree day. However it seems like a waste to not do it in some feminine summer wear however my neighbours will all see me which is an issue as I live in an older neighbourhood with a walkway to a school behind my house so old people and children are my audience, neither of which are ideal to say the least. It is days like this when I wish I had an acreage so I could go outside and sit in my yard in a sun dress and read enjoying this perfect day. Perhaps even get some tan lines that men shouldn’t have, perhaps even a bikini tan. I love living in a city and have no particular desire to live in the rural area however I do desire a bit more privacy than I currently have for no other reason than a bit more freedom to roam in my full wardrobe.

I suppose ideally I would be able to pass as a woman and then just get ready and go out to the park and read in my halter top sundress but that is unlikely to happen without massive surgery that I am not willing too have. Really ideally would be to live in a society were a guy in a dress is not frowned upon that that is even less likely to happen then to have the surgeries. Really really ideally I would have a machine that I could step into and my body would be switched to a woman’s then I could spend the day as a woman and at the end step back in and come back out as my male self. Sadly the third option is more likely than the second most days I think as our gender norms are so ingrained.

13 thoughts on “Perfect day for a Sun Dress, Shame I can’t use it

  1. I totally agree, in fact I’ve just re-blogged it onTumblr. So much for being in the 21st century, seems more like the dark ages sometimes!

      1. May I ask in what far province in our Great White north have you pitched your log cabin? Of course, sometimes we can’s see the open spaces for looking or the tree because of the forest………..or do I have my metaphors mixed up? Metaphors, not my strong point.

      2. Not enough trees in southern Saskatchewan to make a log cab hence the reason the settlers made houses of sod, the northern half of the province is heavily forested but alas I can only visit there on occasion.

      3. Wow! I had to check my area’s density stats and it is 35 per km/2! And I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere! LOL!

      4. Canada is really really big and has a population of 34 million and being the second largest country in the world means there is some extra space. Though the territories have population density of 0.0 to 0.1 people per square kilometre which in the high arctic makes sense.
        For full population information please see the Statistics Canada website

  2. For several years we lived in a house with a private setting and I would love to go out on the deck at night while dressed. There was a peaceful easy feeling of just sitting there in my dress, hose and heels having a smoke and a drink and simply feeling that all was right with the world. We now live in a condo and the level of privacy that I would need is just not there.

    1. That is what I’m looking for. Though I sometimes get into my car and drive to a park and sit on a secluded section of a picnic table and relax.

  3. Howdy again, Jess. I don’t know how I lost track of your blog; I used to read it regularly but somehow it dropped off my bookmarks list so I forgot all about you until you showed up on Broadblogs today.

    I can tell you with absolute certainty that acreage (unless you mean several hundred acres) will not help in a treeless prairie. I’m out in the country myself, the US rural midwest, and we have about 15 acres to ourselves. BUT — we have no trees whatsoever in this arid land, and although our nearest neighbors (sorry, “neighboUrs” 🙂 ) are about a quarter mile away we can still see each other in perfect detail from our respective yards. The only time I venture outside in a dress is at night… it gives me a bit of a heart-stopping thrill to walk boldly out to our trash bin a hundred yards away and empty the trash into it. Sometimes I also step out to the car when I think nobody is looking (leaving me exposed in full daylight for about 6 steps) and drive to the mailbox a half mile away. I run the risk of an approaching car containing a friend who might recognize me and see what I am wearing. I also run the risk of, even in that short stretch of road, getting into an accident. Once my car nearly slid off the icy road into a ditch full of snow, where I would have been stranded in my warm velvet gown a half a mile from my house.

    That said, I’m not unhappy I can only wear my nice sundresses indoors. In the heat of summer (which lasts nearly three weeks!) it’s the only way I can stay comfortable in my home office… or when it’s even too hot for a sundress, go to my cozy one-piece ladies swimsuit.

    If I haven’t mentioned lately how blessed I am to work at home and have an understanding wife, let me repeat that I surely am blessed!

    1. Thank you for the U, if only 330 million other Americans also recognised they are the only ones who spell English word without a U.
      I can relate to the bald open prairie, it doesn’t much more open than here, equal perhaps but flatter unlikely, although there is something soothing about it. Luckily here a large number of yards are treed as after the depression, drought, and the war an effort was put in place to grow shelter belts (trees to block wind for those so not inclined to the term) across fields and around farm yards so a treed yard would not be impossible to find. The plus side of the open space is that it is hard for anyone to sneak up you.
      And yes understanding spouses are something to be thankful for.

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