Lovely new Underwear

A little while ago I had run across a bra and thong set at la Vie en Rose and fell in love with them.  These are the pictures from the web site:










And I was short the money at the time to buy them, then they disappeared from the website which made me sad.  My spouse and I went in to buy some panties and they just happened to have my desired treasures on clearance in my size.  Needless to say I was excited and snatched them up.  They are an ultra feminine sexy look and they make me feel that way which is part of what this is all about.  Though not ideally suited for everyday all day wear but great for those times that the traditional women’s underwear is way more then men’s evenings.

2 thoughts on “Lovely new Underwear

  1. Ugh, how on earth can you wear a thong? Even without the issue of giving Mr. Happy more protection in the front, anything narrow enough to get wadded up in the crevice of Mt. Doom in the back makes me feel like I’m getting sliced in half. The only panties I can wear are full-bodied “granny panties”, preferably in undecorated nylon tricot because lace tends to make my skin itch.

    I have eyed some nylon or satin boxer-style shorts, but they are so blasted expensive I can’t bring myself to pay six times for a single pair what I get with the 10-pack of nylon briefs from Woman Within.

  2. My preference was for a brief but they were out and I wanted a matching set. I find that thongs can be worn comfortably if you find the right one but as an everyday all day sort of item they are not really my love in life either.

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