The Underrated Sports Bra


I picked up two of the most underrated crossdressing items in existence today: sports bras. They are not the most typical clothing we tend to get but I think there are several reasons to have at least one in your wardrobe:

  • They are all day comfortable with no wire and nice wide straps that don’t fall down
  • They are nearly invisible under shirts since they don’t have any cups to puff out the front or strap adjustments to give away what we are wearing. Ideal for underdressing. Even if straps do show through they resemble an undershirt.
  • They are the one bra that is acceptable to wear without a shirt and wearing one around the house without a shirt is relaxing and take it from me when I say it feels feminine.
  • They are designed to be cooling which means on those hot days you are less likely to be overheated.
  • They are still very feminine since men don’t typically wear them since men don’t typically have breasts. They just aren’t lace or satin feminine but the fit feminine.
  • They cover the entire breast meaning your breast forms, if you choose to have any, don’t show through the side making the look very realistic.
  • They are cost effective as the two I got today were 2 for $20 at Old Navy. Typically you can find one for under $20
  • They can add some feminine flair to your workout routine comfortably since that is what they are designed for.
  • They also offer excellent support

These are all reasons that I think these are underrated for our activities. If I had breasts that I needed to support I could totally see myself wearing a sports bra on a regular basis just for the simple comfortable support. Not every item of female clothing we own has to be the traditional sexy feminine to be sexy and fun. They come in variety of colours for your personal enjoyment , as from the picture up top you can see I got a blue and pink one and they are so enjoyable. So I encourage you to consider adding a sports bra or two to your wardrobe, I have never regretted having one around and they do fulfill my feminine needs.

Also Yoga Pants should be considered as they are feminine, comfortable, and ideal for a work out though there is no underdressing potential there.
Thoughts? Do you have a sports bra? Have you ever considered one?

6 thoughts on “The Underrated Sports Bra

  1. I agree, sports bra’s are the best. I have rather large breastforms – D-cups – and because of their shape, any sort of padded bra just doesn’t quite work. Unpadded, underwired bra’s do sort of work, but as sports bra’s cover all of my breast forms, they’re the best way to make sure everything stays where it is supposed to be.
    I also like the fact most sports bra’s have different straps than normal bra’s. It’s just nice to have different items of clothing!

    1. I totally forgot to mention the ease in which different breast (forms) sizes can fit into a sports bra. I have set of C and DD forms that I use and unlike other bras either fit perfectly into a sports bra. Not mentioning the fact that unlike other bras with cups that seem uncomfortably empty when you have them on a sports bra doesn’t have that empty look or feeling as they are just adhering to our natural breast size which is an A cup typically. So A to DD they fit properly and still look god and feminine.
      Thanks for commenting.

    2. I almost exclusively wear sports bras when I put an outfit together. Whether it be for going out or mowing the lawn, sports bras always provide me with a bit of feminine touch plus the constriction around the chest feels wonderful and comfortable especially on my sensitive nipples. I don’t always have to dress super feminine, but when I wear a sports bra under any outfit I can always take with me that bit of feminine wherever I go or whatever I do. Also sports bras are a great pocket! Money and or other small amount of other necessities fit well within the sports bra and keep your lower pockets uncluttered.

  2. I’m very new to this and I am waiting on the arrival of the breast forms I’ve ordered. The seller said the following about the product:
    • Weight: 500g each breast (1kg total)
    • Length (top of teardrop to middle of bottom): 15.8cm
    • Width (at widest point): 11.4cm
    • Depth of breast from sitting flat: 6cm (including nipples)
    • Transparent straps can change the size according to your figure.
    • Approximately equivalent to a B or C cup: how do I know exactly what size or style sports bra I should get?
    Thank you.

  3. I love sports bras even though I don’t have boobs. I definitely feel feminine in them. Even when I’m actually running (did a half marathon today wearing my Nike Pros.) going beyond the sports bra, I love women’s workout clothes. I’m a Lululemon addict.Yoga pants and running crops and tights are super comfortable. I see why ladies wear them all the time.

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