The results of the Ontario Election because of what wasn’t said

I don’t live in Ontario and truthfully I do feel some Western angst against it, mostly out of the history of the country as opposed to the people.  The people are quite nice even the ones in Toronto barring their taste in mayors and their perception that Toronto is the centre of Canada.  What I find most interesting about this isn’t that Wynne is the first elected female Premier of Ontario, though that is a historic note.  What is interesting that they make no mention of that fact that she is a lesbian and that her partner joined her on the election trail.  Her sexuality was of note for about a day when she first became premier and then there was a general “We Don’t Care”.  And so it seems she has become the first gay head of government to be elected in Canada, the commonwealth, and by some sources the English speaking world. Progress is being made.

Ontario election 2014: Liberals re-elected with majority – Ontario Votes 2014 – CBC.

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