How Long Can I Last?: The Sequel

I have been considering a second “How Long Can I last” experiment but a total reversal of the first one where I take all of my feminine clothes and lock them away and see how long it would be until I would be chomping at the bit to get back into them. I have never purged my female clothes but I am wondering how long I could be ok without them. I would just take them all and put them in storage units in the basement so they are out of sight and out of mind and see how my life progresses. I have never all out tried to deny these urges for any extended period of time but from my first How Long experiment it has become clear that life 100% in women’s clothing and by extension somewhat living as a woman is not for me, which is not surprising. Perhaps it is time for me to put it all away and see how life in just men’s clothing suits me? I am not suggesting this as a cure attempt or an attempt to separate the masculine and feminine, I am just interested to know what happens.

What brings this on? I was trying to find room in my closet to put all of the clothes away after doing laundry and it is clear that I either need to buy another dresser, convert my half bath or a bedroom into a walk in closet, thin out my clothes, use my office closet as a closet, or give up on crossdressing. I have a full second wardrobe and if I were turned into a woman tomorrow of similar size that I am today I could likely live for a month or so without the need to buy any new clothes, a hidden stash it is not. I have gone through and thinned out both of my wardrobes and am down to clothes that fit and I wear on a fairly reasonable basis aside from a few specialised items, ie a few dresses and suits. The converting the master half bath to a walk in is tempting but that half bath is also pretty nice. The bedroom immediately adjacent to the master bedroom is the office and is a 10’ by 14’ (3m x 4m) room and though tempting to make a giant closet sacrificing a 240 square foot (22 metres square) space to a closet seems kind of extreme. I have other plans for the office closet mainly building it in a bit for storage of other office related good but using it as overflow is an option as using a guest room closet for specialised clothing can be dangerous. More storage furniture is not out of the question and utilising my carpentry skills and workshop I could make some highly specialised and useful dressers, wardrobes, and night stands which is a likely end of all of this. However the giving up on the crossdressing all together is an intriguing option which I doubt I will engage in as I really do enjoy it quite a bit (I may give up my fly fishing rods, PS3, and maybe even my T.V. (TV before T.V.) before I give up my female wardrobe) but I must ask myself “How long could I give it up for?”. I don’t mean to the kinda miss it stage as I am sure that would be in a week or so but the “I need some panties and I need them now” stage. I also wonder what I would do once I got back into it as I have noticed that the more I engage in it the more subdued my crossdressing is. If I dress regularly panties, bra, yoga pants, and a tank top to relax are enough but if I have not indulged in it for a while the corset, garter belt, lace bra, lace thong, stiletto heels, and the clingy sexy dress come out much more readily. Perhaps there is just a level of femininity I need to get on a regular basis and when the tank gets too low I binge. I doubt I would end up shaved, wigged, corseted, and giant breasted in a dress and 6” heels with my mascara running down with tears as I throw all my boxers into a raging fire too symbolise a phoenix rising from the flames but it seems that a giant dive into lingerie would happen. Though I suppose it is also possible that I would engage less in crossdressing in the long run which also isn’t the end goal as I have said before I have no need to conform to society and give up crossdressing but seeing what would happen if I did is an interesting thought.  I could also decide to slowly wean myself back into it slowly letting my wardrobe expand again.  I could also flip the switch and go total femme and see how long I last on that side after a long absence from it.

I have no plans to do this in the immediate future but it is something that I am rolling around in my head. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone tried to deny your desire for an extended period of time? What happened when you finally gave in?

6 thoughts on “How Long Can I Last?: The Sequel

  1. Hi Jess,
    as you may know, I have been in a situation that has “forced” me to abstain from crossdressing for long periods of time, other wise I may have found myself in a similar situation. Since early 2010 I have been far removed from my stash of girl cloths anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Mostly due to the fact I’m working overseas for 8 weeks at a time, but even when I’m home during the summer time (home for 4 weeks) there is too much other stuff to do, with no time to dress. So that can turn into 20 weeks or more.
    I would be lying if I said I don’t think about it while I’m away (like right now!) but I have no plans to binge dress when I get home for good later in July.
    I think the time spent away from actual dressing has been replace with reading and writing about it, but it has given me time to do some sole searching and to come to understand myself and how crossdressing plays only a small role in my life. When I get the chance, I LOVE to dress. It will be interesting to see how I handle being home again and in easy reach of my girly things.

  2. I bet you can keep it up for a long time, and here’s why: Unlike folks who seriously intend to permanently quit, you will always know that you are under no obligation to keep it up; whenever the experiment gets boring you can slip back into that slip, so to speak.

    I feel your pain about the expansion! I keep my clothes in my office closet, for a few reasons — I spend most of my waking hours in my office, and my wife’s furniture arrangement makes it difficult to get past her chair and into the bedroom closet. OK, two reasons. Anyhow, my office is in the smallest bedroom in the house, my son’s old room when he was little, and the closet it barely bigger than a phone booth. I only manage by keeping summer and winter dresses rotated out — I just put the last of my winter dresses away in the back of the bedroom closet last week (and immediately the next day we had a nasty cold front blow in, but that’s another gripe).

    I took count while I was putting the winter stuff away and realized I have nearly 20 dresses, along with 5 skirts, a handful of blouses, and a dresser overflowing with tights, pantyhose, nylon briefs, slips, and camisoles. Compare that to my men’s collection: Two pair of jeans, two pair of dress slacks, three dress shirts, 10 t-shirts, one pair of boxers (for doc visits), and two or three pair men’s crew socks (for doc visits, and friends’ houses where they want us to take off our shoes).

    I really need to prune the collection, but I can’t bring myself to ever throw a dress away. There are some I’ve had since I got married 25 years ago; they are threadbare from wear, mostly at the elbows where I rest my arms on my office chair, and they’ve been patched a few times to fix rips. As bad as I look normally in “gorilla in a dress” mode, with these older outfits I look like I should be pushing a shopping cart and eating out of dumpsters. But… but… it took a LOT of nerve, not to mention money, to buy each and every one of my dresses. So as long as they’re still comfortable to wear, I’ll keep wearing them and to hell with how I look.

    Maybe I’ll also start collecting stray cats and mumbling incoherently to myself.

    1. I find it interesting that you think I would be able to go longer because I know I could just go back to it anytime I wanted. I suppose that would take some of the pressure off.
      As for the old clothes I have forced myself to eliminate some of my older clothes that didn’t fit or work for me anymore and after the first few it became much easier. Mind you I am able to just go out and by more without the entire town knowing about it.

  3. Hi Jess,

    I regularly have to go long periods without dressing, as my wife is not as accepting as I would like. I do get regular opportunities but these are sometimes 12 weeks apart. I totally agree with your comment about the intensity of the dressing though. I can sometimes go a few days, sneaking a pair of panties on, but when deprived of it for too long, I go the whole nine yards. And I love those days. The wig comes out, the make up is carefully put on, and it becomes quite a sexual experience. When I get the rare chance to dress for a few days, I quickly find that a vest top, simple bra and jeans is enough. And I am more than happy pottering around getting on with other jobs.

    I did once make a definitive choice to stop, and I sold all my clothes. I wouldn’t call it a purge, as it was a conscious decision. I wanted to see if I could stop. This was after I’d been living alone, and had had ample opportunities to dress, shave and go out. I came to the conclusion that I could just stop. Needless to say, this lasted a few years before I started to feel like dressing agin. A few ebay purchases later, and I now have a bulging ‘secret’ stash.

    Antonia x

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