New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolutions are not really my thing but perhaps this year I will make one, but first some back ground.  I have not been updating my blog as much lately and I have been wondering why, perhaps you have also.  It is not because I have given up dressing, I have no intention of doing that anytime soon, but as  I reflect back upon my when I was the most productive in my writing for this blog and it is when I was the most stressed.  A little while ago I wrote a post titled “Dress Relief” where  I noted how I tended to dress more when I was under stress.  This also seems to be true of my writing as I tended to write as an escape from writing as I was finishing a degree and writing blog posts allowed me a break without leaving the computer too far behind.  I finished my thesis in June and have been working and catching on Netflix since that point.  However writing is a skill that must be honed and practiced in order to be kept at a certain level and this is really one of the only places that I am able to write as I wish and able to disregard the audience guidelines (I do not write to a grade eight level).  I have been reading others blogs here and there when I get a chance but a phone or tablet are much better suited for consumption as opposed to production of media.  So my New Years resolution is to actually write for my blog on a regular basis, I am going for bi weekly right now and see how that goes.  Happy 2015 everyone.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. I am glad to see you back in cyberspace. I have enjoyed your writings and hope to see more. I did go back and take a look at your post on ‘dress relief’ and my comment at that time.
    I have long told my wife that I find that dressing relieves some of the stresses that I have to deal with in my every day life.
    Yesterday I was dressed arond the house for most of the day and underdressed when I had to go out. In the morning my wife was on the computer trying to run down some problem scheduling issues that arose and it was really stressing her out. I was wearing a black tank top with a brown denim skirt, bra with falsies and hose and heels at the time and she quipped that she wish she had an activity that would relieve her stress times as my crossdressing seems to do for me and my stress times.
    Welcome Back

  2. I too will make it a resolution to support your blog as much as I can with a reply or an attaboy. I think some of my most ” intense” dress sessions have been done under stress with some of the most satisfying results in the way I look and raising my confidence level. Over the years I’ve realized I have the best of both a man’s world and womans world. I have the burning desire to be the most feminine, pretty, sexy and innocent woman I can be but have the drive and desire of a man and not that there is any tangible result of that every time I go out….it’s just a very unique perspective I have when I am Jenny. Thanks for taking out the time to do this blog, we all have stories and experience s to share and this is a wonderful place to do that.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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