The Purse Challenge

As I have previously stated one of the things that drives me nuts about women’s clothing is the lack of pockets in the pants. One of the reasons that there are no pockets on women’s clothing is because it ruins the sleek shape and body hugging nature of the clothing. The other reason is that women have purses in which they can carry all of the items they need on a daily basis. So I am going to do something that I have previously attempted to do and that is to carry a purse. However a purse is too obvious so instead I’m going to carry around my sling bag which I use here and there to carry items to and from work and school. Even though I normally carry items around with me in a bag to go here and there this time I’m going to put all of my items in this one bag and see how long I can last before I go insane. I have done this before and I think I lasted about a week and while going to work or to school was not much of an issue it is actually the times when you are not going to either of these places where it becomes more of a problem as men do not normally have an extra bag for their stuff. Thankfully men carrying bags for all of the extra hardware that we have to carry as much more acceptable than it used to be in part because technology now basically requires us to have a tablet, chargers, glasses, and all other sorts of day today items which we apparently need in order to survive in our modern world so I’m going to give this a try for a little while and my next post is going to be how I did.
General rules:
– I will not put anything in my pockets
– I will keep all items I need in my Bag
– I will carry the bag with me anywhere a woman normally would
– I may even put in some items women need but I don’t such as make up and other assorted items
– I will do this at all times unless it would be such a significant breach that someone will take note



What are your thoughts on purses? Have you ever tried to carry a bag for all of your stuff?

7 thoughts on “The Purse Challenge

  1. I carry a purse unapologetically 100% of the time. It’s just easier! I hate pockets – they just collect junk and make me look like a dork.

    A co-worker made a joke about my “murse” and I corrected him. “It’s a purse. It doesn’t have a gender.”

  2. I carry a purse full time,it,s great. Just throw on jeans and a tee and go no prepping pockets etc, just grab my purse and go. The girl at my doctors complimented me on it last week. Most guys stare and frown,most women smile. Love it!

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