Purse Challenge Follow Up

So months ago I did a post about how I would try to challenge myself to carry a bag and use it as a purse for two weeks.  I never did a follow up as life got busy and time to write was not present but here is my follow up. I failed after about two days.  Carrying a purse just is not for me as I find it to be a general pain to deal with.  I regularly carry a shoulder bag with my computer, camera, and other assorted items but my keys, wallet, and phone go in my pocket.  If I go out in something without pockets then perhaps I will carry a purse but aside from those few times I will avoid the purse.

5 thoughts on “Purse Challenge Follow Up

  1. I started carrying a purse. But usually in the store but from the house to car and back. I keep my stuff in it. Sure has been nice not having 15 pounds of crap pulling off my pants. It’s been taking some getting used to. But it’s kinda fun.

    1. One of the reasons I think a purse does not work for me is that I carry a minimal amount of stuff with me. A slim wallet with no extra cards, phone, and keys (Even my key chain only has car key and house key). I actively purge my pockets to ensure I don’t have a whole bunch of extra stuff. My computer bag has many purse like items but it only goes where my computer goes.
      But to each their own.

  2. Thank You jess x dress for that question it very simple a lot of closet C.D. fantasize to wear then but to afraid to because of the shame. I prefer to wear woman every as much as possible. I did wear a blouse and went to the speedy mark and nobody look at me difference. Petra Frederica

  3. I started carrying a bag a few years ago, but it’s as “manly” as I can make it — really a small airline carryon bag, black canvas with a long shoulder strap. I did it mostly because I was constantly forgetting phone and wallet, plus I’m a cough drop addict so I like to keep a bag of menthol drops handy, then I figured as long as I’m carrying this anyway I might as well also keep my camera with me, then a crossword puzzle book or my kindle to keep me occupied when I’m waiting somewhere for a long time, then reading glasses, driving glasses, sunglasses… suddenly my bag is just as bad as the worst stereotype of a woman’s bottomless purse!

    Most of the time the bag stays in the car when I reach my destination, since I only expect to need keys and wallet when I’m in a store or wherever. I only take it with me if I expect to be sitting in one place for an extended time and thus might need access to all my goodies… books, cough drops, phone, etc.

    The irony is, I normally carry a woman’s purse anyway… because my wife is handicapped, I carry her purse into stores while she uses her cane to get to a motorized shopping cart.

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