The Bulge

So there an interesting area of crossdressing that we all have an opinion on, the front bottom bulge. Women and men are physically different and so while we may need to add a bit up top to fill out a blouse we also are also a little too filled out for women’s pants. A quick internet search will give you many different ways of hiding the bulge though I find they to be in the extreme and involve shaving and tape. These are effective for bikini wear and perhaps latex skirts but I for one have no need to look like a woman in nothing but my underwear.

So why do we fret about the bulge? Image is important too many of us and while I have no need to achieve the flat front look in a bikini it is nice to be able to wear a pair of pants or skirt and not have the bulge ruining the image. In other words sometimes while I don’t need to look like a woman I would like at least to look less like a man.  But comfort is more important than looks for me so I don’t use tape.

Some options for dealing with the bulge are:

  1. Don’t do anything, I’m a dude you get what you get. An option I am fine with.
  2. Dress for it by wearing clothing that is loose and not clingy so it doesn’t show like loose skirts or dresses. This is a good option, but sometimes you just really want to wear something that isn’t loose enough.
  3. Minimize it by keeping in a little more control with a pair or two tighter underwear. This is my preferred method when needed and I will describe a process that I use in detail. While not as comfortable as just letting it hang it is still more comfortable than the next two options.
  4. Hide it really well with tape. This involves shaving, pushing testicles up, and using various forms of tape. While effective if you need to appear very flat in a swim suit not the easiest nor the most comfortable. This is not a personal favourite and truthfully have never found a situation when it is necessary.
  5. Eliminate it surgically. Not really an option for me but if that is your deal have at it.

I am in favour of the first three with the fourth option being a when needed, which is really never, and the fifth option is out for me. So my causal crossdressing flat front bottom for not too tight clothing system? It is layers of clothing that can be bought at a local store

First Layer – Base

This first layer is a pair of panties that are breathable and not to slick, more on that in the next step. Bikini or thong panties will work as the purpose of this layer is to bring everything together into a comfortable package. These should be comfortable and snug fitting, not tight just not loose.

Second layer – Shaping

This is where the magic happens once you have your base layer on and everything is comfortable get a pair of tummy tucking panties, well I suppose you should have got these with the panties already mentioned. I have a pair of Secret legwear ones that I picked up at the grocery store that are not sexy in any way but they work. The entire front panel is a layer of stiff fabric designed to flatten out the front. I find these are far more effective than the ones that are designed to look good with the lace and everything as they go for form and function as opposed to form only. You may also use a gaff which is design for crossdressing but I find these are overpriced and not all that effective. If you use these without the base layer then the extra you’re trying to hide can leak out the side as this is a solid fabric with no give, not comfortable. The base layer not being silky is so that these two layers have some friction and move with each other. This tends to flatten it all out enough so that you can wear a pair of pants or a skirt and not be too noticeable. You will have a bump as opposed to a bulge and luckily this is easier to maintain over an evening, no need for tape and scissors in your purse. You could basically stop here if you wanted but some of you won’t.

Third Layer – Decorative

So everything is under control and you can stop there but it may not look sexy. You can get some nice but fairly large panties and wear over top, while not tiny and sexy per se there are some really nice full size panties out there, or even lace as if the base layers are skin toned they won’t be that noticeable and you won’t have discomfort of lace on skin. Or those tummy control ones with decoration are also good here as they are adding a little bit more control while still looking nice. But this layer is optional and totally up to you but a lace waistband sticking out is sexier than control top panties.

Other potential layers:

These are not needed but each additional support layer will further reduce the bulge. Mind you each layer is another thing to deal with, makes it less breathable, and in general decreases overall comfort. So choose your trade offs wisely.

Panty Hose – These may be needed for your outfit anyways so get a with pair with control top tummy control options to further reinforce and lessen the bump. I do not suggest buying cheap ones forma  dollar store as the more expensive ones tend to fit better, not slide down, are more resistant to runs, and have better control top capabilities

Padded Panties – These are a special item for crossdressing to add hips and butt to your look. They are typically a firm fabric that will further hide the bump while filling out your curves if so needed.

Body Shapers – These can be bought just about anywhere and are designed to shape a woman’s body through slimming. They will be right beside the tummy control panties but are really well suited to replace them for this purpose, they just don’t hold it all in for that area well enough. These will further reduce the bump and by this point you’re likely flat as can be. Depending on how pliable your body is (the amount of extra insulation you have) a body shaper may be needed to hide any lines formed by the tummy control panties.  Regardless the body shaper will likely give your body a more feminine look, perhaps only slightly, which is a bonus

So there you have it the easiest and most comfortable way I have found to hide the bulge. With the exception of the padded panties you can find most of these items at a pharmacy, grocery store, or department store for reasonable prices. No tape or shaving and you will get a fairly comfortable all night flat enough front that still allows you to pee easily and at the end of the night you can just slip them off and go to bed, no need to get the glue off.

As I said this is a casual minimizing technique for use with say a pair of jeans, pants, dress, or not loose skirt and not appropriate for tight mini skirts or leggings. I find it comfortable and not time consuming to put on or to maintain. Mind you I’m not in this to pass as a woman, I just want the clothes to fit right.

What do you do to control the bulge? Do you bother?

3 thoughts on “The Bulge

  1. I don’t bother hiding the bulge. I tend to wear lose dresses and skirt that naturally hide things down there and on’y my other half would see my in my knickers. The whole tucking thing always sounded a bit painful! xxx

  2. I don’t use tape either. Though i am not well endowed i don’t have a need for all those extra clothing. A good swim suit bottom, thong or tummy control panty works fine for me. Some times i tuck all the time, others just in fem clothing.

  3. I tend to wear full skirts that naturally hide any bulge, but I still sometimes tuck or at least wear shape-wear that keeps it all under control. I don’t do it as much for the look as for the increased feminine feeling.
    There is a method #6 that I once read about, and it involved superglue. However NOT something I would ever try!

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