Tis the Season to be Mary?

I find the holiday season somewhat interesting, beyond the fact that we as a multicultural society put so much emphasis on this one holiday.  A meaning that has changed dramatically over the years from a celebration of the ending of the days getting shorter to now becoming longer on the Solstice to the celebration of the birth of Christ being placed with this festival and slowly taking it and all surrounding holidays with it.

Though for many people today will be the last day of work until 2016, many places of business close down on the 23rd or 24th and may not reopen until the 27th in commonwealth nations where boxing day is celebrated (for American readers Boxing day is the day immediately following Christmas day and think of it as Black Friday, only been around for a hundred years or so).  While those working in offices may not return until the 4th of January.  It is a strange thing indeed where people will have a week and a half off for no other reason than to spend time with family or simply because there is nothing at work to do as no one is there. Unless of course you work retail or something similar in which case welcome to return and sale hell.

So to the title of the “Tis the season to be Mary?” we have this down time which by all accounts be an ideal time to wind down and spend some time in the other part of your wardrobe.  After all if the holidays are in part about a break from the everyday and after the Christmas rush a few days to destress from that most wonderful times of the year a little skirt time may just be what is needed.  Though this is rarely the case as with so many family members around and other social engagements to attend there is rarely time for a skirt or dress.  It is winter so thankfully shaved legs and painted toe nails are undetectable if that is your thing.

The other part about Mary is the picture in our minds of the woman receiving some sexy lingerie under the tree.  If only once there was a package under the tree for me that contained a matching set of bra and panties just for me for Christmas.  Of course with so many family members around even with an understanding and supportive spouse who may actually indulge this particular fantasy with so many other friends and extended family around ten minutes to sit back and open a present for only you may be too much to ask.

If you are in a colder climate like me then at least you can where a bra and blouse out and no one will likely notice under all of the extra layers we find ourselves.  We will all find our Mary time and if not we may not have time to be Mary it is possible to be merry.  And I hope this holiday season finds you well.

One thought on “Tis the Season to be Mary?

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