Man Caves

I would like to tell everyone about my man cave.  Man caves came to a height of popularity a few years ago and are basically spaces where men are men with beer signs, car parts, sports memorabilia, and beer fridges dominate the decorating choices.  They seemed to have scaled back in the last few years which I am totally fine with.  Some of the reasons we heard for these temples to masculinity were that women had dominated the home space and men needed their own space at home.   The importance of a man to have his own space is important, actually the importance for any person to have their own space is important.  We all need some time and space to unwind and relax on our off hours.  The running joke of teenagers locking themselves in their rooms for hours is them getting their own space and time for awhile.  Some people it is their morning run, as they can just blank out everything else and let their mind wander.  We all have a man cave somewhere in our lives and it is important to have as it is a place where we can relax they way we want to.

Now my man cave.  I have a workshop in the basement where my dual bevel 12” mitre saw, 10” table saw, router, router table, scroll saw, tile saw, circular saw, jig saw, drill press and other assorted wood working tools are.  As you can see I have a rather extensive set up and yet I do not consider it my man cave, I go there to build stuff which can be relaxing and it may be a man cave but not the man cave.  I have a heated double car garage which is where all of my automotive tools and where I fix and maintain my car, still not my man cave.  I have my office where my books are kept and I spent hours working on my degree and am now looking at spending more hours working on a masters degree, still not my man cave.

So where is my man cave?  In the drawers where I keep my panties and bras and the closets where my dresses hang.  Crossdressing is my man cave, it is where I go to relax after a long day and I can shed off the expectations of others.  I am sure some of you saw this coming, after all I do have an older post Dress Relief where I discussed how crossdressing is a form of stress relief.  I am now just arguing that crossdressing and the act of indulging in all that is feminine is equivalent to having a room dedicated to masculinity.  This is not hard to argue really since in man caves men tend to sit around with other men, drinking beer, and watching other men participate in sports.  I will restate that, a bunch of men in a room where no women are allowed and those men drink while other very athletic and muscular men are on constant display on a giant tv and are the center of attention, and some of those activities are men grappling other men with the only difference between them and some gay BDSM porn is a layer of spandex.  Yes, sitting around with your guy friends watching UFC could be a little homoerotic, so my panties aren’t really that bad and at least crossdressing requires looking at women.  The plus side of all of this is that those man caves can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to build and maintain, you could take a bedroom in your house and convert it into a walk in closet just for your female clothing and fill it to the brim and still be further ahead financially.  And you can still take some of your man cave on the road with you when you are away on business, just put some of it in your suit case and you can sit back in your hotel room and still be in your man cave.  This is why crossdressing may at the end of the day be the ultimate man cave, ultimate relaxation, transportable, very scalable in cost, and easily tailored to your needs.


3 thoughts on “Man Caves

  1. Interesting you should bring this up now. My “man cave” is a spare bedroom with a closet full of dresses. Although I wear whatever I like around the wife, sitting at my desk in my favourite dress does give me a sense of peace that I don’t get when I’m puttering around the house.

    I have been thinking about my collection this week as I go into my sixth decade of life with the realisation that death could take me any time in the next 25 years (my family history is not known for long lives).

    Will my wife and/or children think to remove all the embarrassing evidence before guests come to the house for a reception after the funeral? Will they just throw the dresses away or donate to charity? And even though the children know in an abstract sense (they have never seen me dressed) will they be shocked by what they find?

    Then there’s my computer, with folders full of pictures of me in my dresses. What will become of my computer after I die? Will my children think to wipe the hard drive? Will they search it for information about bank accounts?

    It seems so easy to keep my wall of protection up so the outer world can’t destroy my privacy or sense of peace from dressing, but when I’m no longer around to maintain that wall of protection I wonder what will happen. I guess I won’t care in any case! Depending on one’s beliefs I’ll either have better (or worse) things to worry about, or I won’t be thinking anything at all.

  2. I see things in a similar fashion. I have finally convinced my wife that my cross dressing is a form of stress relief.
    After we became empty nesters we sold the house and moved to a condo. Both of us now refer to the basement as a ‘man cave’ and or my ‘girl cave’ There are two rooms in the basement plus some storage and a small bathroom. One room has a desk, couch, chair, bookcases and a flat screen TV. The other is a small bedroom where all of my girl clothes, shoes, makeup, wigs, etc. are kept. I think my wife sees the girl cave as my safe refuse…a place where I can go and relax and feel comfortable…the king/queen of my own modest castle. No one can look in and it is a safe haven.

  3. I am new here on wordpress,and I am speachless – you describe exactly my situation. Wow! Me and my wife are still struggeling with that,and it does so good to me,to see, that fair agreements can be found. Thank you for that!

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