The Holiday Blues

red-stockingIt is the holiday season, the happiest time of the year! For me this year it means being 2700km from home to visit the spouses family on the east coast with a stop in Montreal, if you think that is a long way just remember Canada is the second largest nation on the planet and I am only maybe halfway.  It is a two and a half week break from my every day life which is good.  A two and a half week break form my dog, which is very sad.  It is also a two and half week break from my lingerie drawers, which is depressing.

One of the main draw backs of dressing is that it is not socially acceptable and I doubt that my spouses family would be perfectly fine with me hanging out wearing a bra.  In short I am going through withdrawal from being able to engage with all my things feminine.  Sure I packed a few pairs of panties and a couple of bras just in case but with 14 people in the house there is rarely anytime to ourselves let alone time to get a little femmed up.  This happens from time to time when family or friends come to visit but rarely is it this long.  I am starting to get a little desperate for some time to express all parts of me.  I will survive after all it is only another week and then I will have my full wardrobes back, and I may give up on boxer shorts for a month after this.


Happy Holidays! May they be as crossdressed as you wish.

3 thoughts on “The Holiday Blues

  1. I feel your pain! I will be spending a summer vacation next year with my brother’s family, as well as my own wife and adult children. I’m very much looking forward to the trip but we will be in close quarters just about 24/7 for two weeks — sharing a room with the “kids” to save on expenses — and of the people involved, only my wife knows and accepts the crossdressing.

    I’m not much of a bra fan; I present as male and don’t have the puffy bits needed for one. But I will indeed be packing lots of soft nylon briefs, tights, and leotards to wear under my “man clothes” so I don’t have to go completely without the whole time. Maybe even a nightgown to wear for the one evening my wife and I will have a room to ourselves before the rest of the family arrives. I also ordered some lovely satin pyjamas that are technically meant for men but indistinguishable from the same design sold to women.

    1. With so many people around, 14 in a house, and with half of them being little ones who wander around and the lack of security in our sleeping area taking a large amount of clothing was an issue. I always find it funny how we will buy something that is technically masculine but is very feminine at the same time to fill the void.

  2. I share your thoughts. I address my needs by underdressing most days with panties and pantyhose daily and a bra or all in one from time to time. I am missing my pantyhose today because I need to visit the podiatrist on my way home.
    Over Christmas our sons came home and we had girlfriends and others spending a few nights. Since the spare bedroom was needed my wife had me take all of my girl cloths, wigs, shoes, makeup, etc out of the closet and put into storage bags in the storeroom. Just going three days in boxes seemed like an eternity.
    I find that when I cannot dress in whole or in part that I really miss that part of my routine and the feelings I get from my girl clothes.

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