My Fancy New Not Really Fancy at all Bra

I have been looking for the ideal bra if there is even such a thing and I have noticed a theme of all bras as of late being at least two if not all of three things:

  1. Underwire
  2. Demi Cup
  3. Padded

On the first point, underwire, to put it simply I don’t find underwire to be the most comfortable all of the time.  The underwire is supposed to give more support but since I don’t have actual flesh to support this can be more of a hindrance than a benefit.  I can also feel the underwire sometimes more than others and the hard metal isn’t by its nature comfortable, unless you’re into that sort of thing.  However finding a wire free bra is becoming more and more of a challenge and while some people will take the wire out of a bra this can cause issues as the bra is designed to be used with a wire.  So I decided to find a wirefree bra.

The second point is the demi cup, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a bra that is full coverage which while can be exciting on women is less exciting on men as again we don’t have the flesh to fill the cups.  This means that unless you are making use of some duct tape and an A or B cup bra what ever you are filling your bra cups with is likely going to peak out ruining the illusion, and all we really have is an illusion.  Finding a full or at the very least fuller coverage bra is a little easier than a wire free but can still be difficult and sorry to say I don’t have breasts to show off in that way.

The third point is padding as it seems every bra is either padded or lace.  The padding is to make the breast appear larger or firmer which is nice to look at but when things get hot and heavy I prefer to feel the breast through the bras as opposed to feeling the bra and I am someone with a particular interest in bras.  And personally since my breasts are foam or silicone making them appear fuller or firmer mostly just pushes them out of the bra.

If you take a bra and remove the wire and padding and add fabric most of us think of one thing, our mothers box bras from sears.  These are in a few words are thought to be boring, pedestrian and defiantly not sexy.  And I wanted the bra to be sexy so I need four things wirefree, non padded, and full coverage bra that was still sexy.  I investigated and after going to a few department and lingerie stores I came to the conclusion that there were no bras that filled all four categories as while the boxed bras were wirefree, non padded, and full coverage sexy they were not.  They tend to come in three colours; white, nude, and if you are really lucky black.  So I gave up trying to support some local jobs and off to Amazon I went.playtex-18-hour-3

So what did I end up buying? The Playtex 18 hour comfort strap soft cup boxed bra for $24.  These are your classic firm support bra that are a foundation garment very much designed more for the utilitarian purpose of supporting the breasts all day and while it is wirefree, full cup, and unpadded it at first glance is only sexy in the sneaking a peak in the catalogue section sort of way.  But then I found the other colours:

Adding some colour really brings up the sexy nature of this particular bra.  I personally also think that there is something erotic about the utilitarian nature of this bra and adding in some flirtatious colour and you have a real winner.  So I ordered one in the warm steel colour and in Amazon fashion I had my new bra in just a few days.

So how did my adventure in utilitarian bras work out? I actually really like it, after you wear it in a bit since since the nature of these bras means they need some time to settle (Stretch just that little bit) they are very comfortable and will hold what ever you put in them in place.  I have not worn it for 18 hours but after 8 it is still a comfortable wear.  Amazon flashed a deal on my size of a different colour a two pack for $13 a few days later and I didn’t really give it a second thought with the same result.

So the verdict? I highly suggest buying the traditionally unsexy utilitarian bras in some fun colours.  They are comfortable for all day wear which is very important.  If your blouse drops down and you haven’t spent some time with some tape creating some cleavage with tape then no harm done, the illusion of breasts is still in tact.  And the unpadded wirefree nature of these bras make them easy to store unlike their wired and padded cousins.  This also makes them really easy to pack if you are going on a trip or tossing together a bag for an afternoon out.

So did I find the ideal bra? No I found a good one but to be honest I am happy I didn’t find the one ideal bra as one of the things I enjoy about crossdressing is collecting the different types and colours of bras and panties and if there was just the one ideal bra my collecting days would be far fewer and far between.


One thought on “My Fancy New Not Really Fancy at all Bra

  1. I think you make a good point. Perhaps the next time I send away for a bra I will go with something along these lines. As a CD I think that we have both more restrictions and more options than a GG.

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