Where have I been?

Someone posted a comment today asking where have I been?  The direct answer is very very busy and physically away from my computer.  When I first started this blog I was finishing my Honours degree and was spending a fair amount of time in front of a computer writing.  It was an easy way for me to unwind while still writing as I would hit a block in academic writing and then use this blog to write about something else which would allow me to refocus.  Since I am not writign all of the time I am now less likely to actually be infront of the computer writing on a deadline and can simply walk away.  I have noticed since I finished my degree my writing style has changed somewhat which in large part is because I am not required to write in an academic style where you need to drive a precise and concise point and then add some charm.  I can tell you I have eight posts in various mods of completion that I just can’t quite finish and a large part of this is that I do not require the some stress relief that I did previously.

The other aspect is time as each post takes two hours give or take to write and edit and I have not had a large amount of spare time as of late.  I work two jobs and have an entire house to take care of and slowly remodel so those two hours a week can be very precious.  One of the reasons it takes me so much time is the nature of what I write about takes more time.  I do not write as much about my own personal experiences but instead larger abstract ideas which I enjoy writing about but I do find it takes more time.  This post for instance took about 45 minutes.  Also I have taken up more woodworking as of late and while I can do that while crossdressing the sawdust plays hell on my keyboard so I have to separate the two.

Lastly stress, crossdressing is a form of stress relief for me and writing about it was also a stress reliever.  Writing about it also allowed me to work through my own personal issues related to it and in truth I am much more accepting of my crossdressing than I was before I started writing.  I had known for some time that societies issues with crossdressing was irrational after all it is just a man wearing women’s clothing.  But if it was just clothing then we would be unlikely to be drawn to it.  Clothing is the uniform of gender and society likes having a gender binary and pushing against that binary causes friction.  We as crossdressers push out of that binary and into the realm of transgender, even if it is just a little, since transgender means across gender much like transvestite means across clothes.  I have accepted that being a crossdresser places me on the transgender scale though I would not say I myself am transgender.  With my acceptance of self I have been driven less to write about it.

In conclusion, sorry I have been so delinquent in my writing I will start posting again and hopefully can stick to it better this time.



One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. I do try to click onto your blog when I see it pop up on T-Central since you do write well (definitely an art that has seen better days) and I often find that what you have to say is not inconsistent with my own thoughts and expressions.
    Stay well.

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