New Year’s Resolutions and Getting that Femme Body

It is that time of year again when everyone makes new years resolutions to get into shape and all of that. Perhaps for us it is to get a bit more of a feminine shape so the other half of our wardrobe fits a bit better. And while everyone likes to look good the motivation tends to last a month. So as a little motivation top up I give you a basic work out tips. Now disclaimer while I am not a professional trainer I have been in the recreation area for about two decades so I am reasonably on point here but you should always consult a doctor and or professional trainer prior to a fitness routine.

  • Do something, anything I am not kidding here just do anything. We have sedentary lifestyles and simply walking every day is going to be of benefit to you. Whatever you do it should be approachable and enjoyable for you. This is supposed to be exercise for health not an exercise in torture.
  • Remember this is for you and how you feel about yourself not how others feel, well primarily for you. Decide what you want and work towards it. Perhaps there is a specific dress you want to look smoking in. Not a general better shape but a specific target you are able to work towards to keep you motivated. And most of all make your goals realistic, if you want a perfectly toned bikini ready body you needed to start that last summer minimum. So strengthening your core to improve you posture and some leg toning makes much more sense and is achievable.
  • Take pictures of your self before and periodically there after. If you build muscle you will gain weight so scales can be misleading. The other option is to measure but who wants to do that? You have a camera on your phone take some shots and then compare later to keep you going. What type of pictures you ask, well I suppose you could do those boring old before and after shots but really better options are that dress you want to fill out in all the right places or some lingerie for those a bit more risqué.
  • Get the right work out clothes. Item one is a good pair of work out shoes, you need to avoid injuries and good shoes designed for your activity will help. Beyond that it is what ever is comfortable but since we have an extra interest why not take the chance to add to the wardrobe? Get some yoga pants, sports bra, and tank top with those shoes. I actually quite like my yoga pants for working out as they stay close to my body and don’t get in the way.
  • Decide on what you want to achieve by working out. Cardio helps everyone so do it which can be as simple as walking somewhere with purpose. Light weight high reps tends to tone muscle and not bulk up while heavier weights and lower reps bulks up muscle. If you are a crossdresser going for the femme look then toning exercises are likely your best friend. But at the same time you may need to build some parts that others don’t so don’t fear the weights too much. You should start with a routine that you find on the internet and then tailor it to your needs over time.
  • Gather some equipment for your own personal home gym. Personally I have a yoga mat and a big rubber ball and built my routine around those items. I have also looked at those rubber bands and rollers. You don’t need an entire $500 home gym set up here just a few things to get you started and to make you feel a little guilty if it has dust on it.
  • Set aside some time on a schedule to do your work outs. Resistance training is typically best done once every 2 days. Keep track of your days and reward yourself with something for staying on track. As for cardio walking is a really good start, I have a large dog so daily walking. But other options are use the stairs and not the elevator and take the far parking spot. You could also get an active outdoor hobby like birding, outdoor photography, or catch all the pokemon. And we still have actual work outs like riding a bike, nordic skiing, or you know the high cardio zero impact swimming option.
  • Stretch your muscles. It is important to stretch in order to avoid injuring yourself. A daily stretching routine is actually a good starting point.
  • Start out slowly and ramp up. Do not start with some super intense you tube routine with people that look like they live in a gym. Some stretching, crunches, reverse crunches, push ups, planking, lunges, and squats can do a lot for you and all you need is a comfortable floor. Don’t start with 3 sets of 20 of each, perhaps 5 each for a set of 3 and then go up from there. Remember you should be tired and perhaps a bit sore not in pain. When you first start you will be sore the next day, that will go away and is typically normal to be a bit sore. After that you may be a little stiff the morning after but you shouldn’t be sore unless you change up something in your routine.
  • Eat right after all you loose fat by burning more calories than you take in. Ignore all of those fad diets just eat balanced meals and proper portions for your needs. Likely you should increase your vegetables, fruits, and protein and decrease your carbs but that is based on societal norms of our terrible modern diet. How do you do that? stay to the outside of the grocery store where the fresh food is and avoid the middle section as much as you can. Trim sugar where you can like say your coffee, seriously just drink better coffee black. Make a few days of salads for lunch on Sunday and skip the creamy dressing and go with the clear stuff and remember dressing is there to augment flavour not to replace it so ease up.
  • Now take out your selfie stick and do your monthly photo shoot. Look at you pictures and compare to the ones from a month before. Do you like what you see? Do you feel better? Has anyone noticed? Well maybe next month they will. Keep it up and those yoga pants will look amazing on your butt in no time, and don’t forget that dress you want to looking like a smoke show in.

Happy New Year! And I hope these words of wisdom help keep you going!

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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