Bikini Tan Lines

I have always wanted just once to have bikini tan lines. The nature of my life up to this point has stopped me from doing this as I had my shirt off often but now I can keep my shirt on.  Bikinis have a certain allure for me; not a fetish just an attraction.  Perhaps the best way to explain it would be they are one of the items of clothing that makes me wonder “How does it feel to wear that?”. They are in essence underwear that is worn as outerwear and the only thing between you and social disaster is the same knot you use to tie your shoes, and that never fails (Sarcasm).  Bikinis cover about the same as a bra and panties and yet is totally accepted for public wear, even the male speedo is only accepted in fitness focused activities.  If one is seen just wearing their underwear it is typically in a situation where the viewers will be forgiving such as lovers, friends, or medical professionals.  A bikini though gives society permission to judge away and not be forgiving.  A bikini is a risk no matter who you are and what type you wear.  They hold a certain interest for me and in truth if I were to wake up as a woman tomorrow going for a swim on a hot summer day in one would be rather high up my list of things to do. That said for a crossdresser they could be viewed as the ultimate challenge, to pass in public in a bikini.  So in a sense the bikini is the Everest of passing as a woman, and like the actual mountain I will never be on top as I am just the wrong build.

So I decided to go with the next best thing to a bikini and that is the tan lines from a bikini.  Yes this still requires me to wear a bikini but I don’t need to wear it around in public.  I can just find a quiet spot and experience in part what it is like to wear a bikini.  These tan lines a distinctively feminine and semi permanent so it is a bit of a challenge to myself in that regard also.  I can’t exactly get rid of them at a moments notice but I’m not stuck with them forever.  I always run the risk of being noticed with my bikini tan lines if I have my shirt off.  That said if someone is having a hot tub party this weekend an afternoon or two with my shirt off will blend them in quickly.  And my goal has never been to look like tanned leather but just to be less pale white, the tan lines are closer to hints then to your classic idea of tan lines.  So last summer I did in fact put work into getting bikini tan lines and I am honestly happy with the result and am again continuing this summer.

If you are wondering how to do this then I have a simple guide for you:

Step 1: Buy a Bikini

This is not a guide as to how to look like a woman and pass in a bikini. If this is your goal than I have no real advice for you. If you choose to add cleavage and breasts then effective support and coverage are important and you may need a top that not only supports the breasts but hides them effectively. I found that if I wanted some extra chest the silicone pads from an adhesive bra would do the job without too much work, but that is silicone on your chest on a hot day so I skipped it mostly.  As for the bottom as I have said previously I am not a tucker and if a more feminine look is needed for the front bottom then I use a thong, tummy flattening panties, and control top pantyhose along with clothing that minimizes or at the very least does not draw attention to the groin area had been my go to. But if there was ever a time to get that flat front bottom a bikini is that time. So after some research to again better understand it I can say that you are unlikely to get effective results unless you use medical adhesive and I am just not that dedicated. Anything short of perfection and extreme control is more likely to highlight the area as opposed to minimize it. That and the freedom associated with the airy feeling of a bikini is lost when you layer up a bunch of glue and tape so I vote to let it hang out.  So that said this is about being a guy in a bikini, not passing as a woman in a bikini.

Since bikinis are an under and over wear piece of clothing fit is very important. As for the top basically it just needs to fit around your chest unless you are planning on padding it up in which case it is fitting it like a bra. The bottoms are very important as they need to fit properly in order to ensure that everything stays in controlled, after all where I am in Canada there are no laws against a guy wearing a bikini but if there is wardrobe malfunction it could cause problems. The plus side is that your average bikini has a reasonable amount of fabric involved in the bottoms when compared to a bikini style pair of panties. So the extra front bottom should be taken care of, assuming you’re in the same camp I’m in when it comes to tucking.

Since the fit is very important you’re probably going to have to be trying them on. How to use the fitting room is a whole post but be calm and take a couple male shirts or shorts with you, they are unlikely to notice or care.  They do not need to be expensive especially since around July summer clothing starts to go on sale, I got a new bikini for $20 top and bottom.  Beyond ensuring that they fit properly style and color are totally up to you, after all you get a bikini body by putting a bikini on your body.

Now then my goal was to get the bikini tan lines on the bottom and chest. I didn’t want a behind the neck as that may be to noticeable.  So I had a bandeau style one I picked up a few years ago which much like a strapless bra, a wide band that goes around with some cups.  I was content but then I picked up a bright yellow string bikini and just as long as I’m diligent the back straps shouldn’t be an issue.

Bikinis come in a wide variety of styles but I will split it into your classic cut which is closer to a pair of panties and a bra and then the iconic string bikini. The classic cut with straps and designs closer to underwear is the best option for those wanting to pass as the additional fabric is able to cover ones silicone chest enhancements and their additional front bottom aspects.  Since my goal is not to pass the additional structure is less required and in the case of the top cups they tend to show through a shirt a bit more.

The string bikini is a very different experience as it feels like you wearing not much of anything, which is a feeling I really enjoyed.  Unpadded cups makes it easier to underdress as you are heading to and from your tan location or if you need a quick cover up.  They are very compact so you can toss it in a small pocket if needed.  Ties makes it really easy to adjust so just as long as it has enough coverage for your package it is easy to fit.  The down side is mostly that there is no hiding exactly what you are wearing even from a distance.  The right bikini bottoms could be easily mistaken for mens as long as you don’t look too closely but a string bikini is obviously a string bikini.  But the tan lines and the feeling of wearing almost nothing are worth it.

But wear what makes you the most comfortable.


Location location location

So now you need a spot to suntan. The ideal way to tan is just too live your life and put on sunscreen and let what ever happens happen.  But this endeavor makes just living my life as a woman in a bikini difficult so I needed someplace sunny and away from onlookers.  You also need it to be accessible and you will want an exit strategy.  It turns out for me it was only about a 10 minute drive from my house and it is a nature area with a few small trails and some picnic areas surrounding a small lake.  I am able to see vehicles coming in and able to adjust accordingly.  There are a few close calls but I could typically see or here the vehicles coming and I had male clothing quick at hand.  I didn’t walk from my car to the suntan spot with a sundress on.

Getting the tan

So disclaimer. A tan is UV rays damaging your skin and your body responding to protect itself. The only truly safe level of UV exposure is none. Base tans are a myth as while they may reduce burns there is still damage. Skin cancer is serious and even if you limit your sun exposure and use appropriate sunscreen, SPF 30 is recommended, you will still tan.  If you choose to purposely tan you are increasing your risk for skin cancer. We can handle some exposure as our bodies have evolved to handle it but take precautions.  The best way to get a tan is slowly, limiting exposure, and using SPF 30 sunscreen.  Now my lifestyle is not conducive to mowing the lawn in a bikini top so suntanning is the best option for me so I am able to dedicate some time to it.

Now then if you’re going to shave I suggest doing in advance not an hour before. Shaving makes skin sensitive and suntanning makes it more so. Now sunscreen yourself. The longer you’re out and the higher the UV index the more important this becomes. If you only have 30 minutes and the UV index is moderate then you may be ok but in general especially at first put on sunscreen, we want a bikini tan not a bikini burn.  Now that your protection is on don the bikini. Make sure it fits correctly and will keep everything contained and of course put on an outer layer. For a shirt I have a button down short sleeve with snap closure which means I can quickly undo it or do it up as needed and the collar conceals the bikini tie a bit. Your outer layer should be easily on and off as the situation needs . Take a book, some water, sunglasses, and other items but leave the headphones at home as you want to be aware of your surroundings in case you need to put a shirt on quick. Also one of plus sides is just enjoying the noise of the world.  Find your spot and in all honesty take the outer layer off as soon as you can and simply enjoy the feeling of the sun and wind against your exposed skin as you walk in your bikini, it really is worth the $20 investment on its own.


Well I ended up with a nice set of tan lines that as I mentioned were a nice little secret reminder every time I stepped out of the shower.  I didn’t get super dark just enough so you could see a few shades of difference.  I also have felt more confident being out and about in womens clothes because of my bikini, after all the chance of being caught in a bikini makes a skirt look insignificant.  I also truly enjoyed the time laying down and relaxing away from it all.  While my spouse is able to wear a bikini in the back yard she also can be easily distracted or taken away.  Literally all I could do for the time I was out tanning in my bikini was lay there and read or think.  Fall is upon me and the lines will fade but I can assure you that if I go south for a warm winter vacation my bikini is coming with and baring that next spring I’ll be out reading a book in my bikini.

8 thoughts on “Bikini Tan Lines

  1. This was one of the most unique cross dressing related posts I have ever read. I thought that I had experienced most of the basic ideas and emotions that beset those of us who like to wear women’s clothes but the idea of getting out and about with the express intention of ‘branding’ myself with bikini lines is an idea that had not really hit my frontal lobes.
    This is an intriguing and pleasant diversion and it has now become something that I will think of from time to time.
    Sadly I am a large man and while I do tan easily I find that my basic male boobs actually shade the bottom of my breasts in such a fashion so that I am whiter underneath than over the rest of my body.
    I like your posts and wish that they were more frequent.

    1. Oh I’m not a small man either, and again out and about in a secluded area.
      But as for your current boob situation, a bikini would perk them up a bit so you could get an even tan, that is the purpose of a bikini.
      And timing, sometimes it’s just hard to write, and time is hard. I have about 8 draft posts that I just am not happy with.

  2. Two observations:
    First, my fun memory of an accidental ladies swimsuit tan… I absolutely do NOT dress in public, but I live in a remote rural area where I can wear whatever I want around the house without curious neighbors peeking in the window, and after dark I don’t bother putting on man clothes to take out the trash or whatever.

    One day I was cleaning up a lot of trash on the back end of our property, with conveniently placed hills and rocks that allowed me to take off my t-shirt and shorts so I was down to the tank style one-piece swimsuit underneath. It was just getting too darn hot for all those layers! I worked for a few hours and went home.

    Next day I discovered what a horrible mistake I had made not wearing sunscreen. My neck, arms, and shoulders were bright red from a nasty sunburn… and so was my upper chest (it’s a rather modest style with a neckline even with my shoulders) and halfway down my back, the parts not covered by the swimsuit.

    The result was that I had a glowing red sunburn with unburned skin very obviously in the exact shape of a women’s tank swimsuit, complete with round circles where the strap adjusting rings were. And the burn was so bad, it lasted nearly two years before you could no longer tell what the shape was. So for two years any time I took off my shirt to go swimming in public, I risked showing my girlie sunburn off to the world. My daughter thought it was hilarious. I should cut her out of my will.

    My other comment is more serious: BE CAREFUL with suntans. Don’t care whether it’s fully bare top, bikini tan, tan from the beach or a booth, whatever. Despite what the ads tell you, a tan is your body’s last desperate attempt to protect you from melanoma. My wife studied cancer, specifically skin cancer, for years before we married and she had horror stories of people who just got a “light tan” and suddenly they were getting chemo.

    White pasty skin (or whatever your natural skin shade is) covered with SPF 500 may not look sexy, but it’s much healthier. I don’t want to think about what that sunburn is going to do 10 years down the road.

    1. That does sound like a problematic burn to say the least.
      And yes I did make explicit note that the safe level of uv exposure is 0. My personal tan level preference is not glaringly white but not dark. I always wear sunscreen even while tanning.

  3. This idea is simply awesome. Subtle, yet profoundly fem. I’m a part time girl and love to dress and go ‘out’. Since I have a typical thick male torso and no hips or butt I’ve never considered beach or pool attire.

    You’ll not be seeing me at the hotel pool, but now I have another reason to buy a bikini – if only in private to gain those softly suggestive tan lines. Thanks for sharing Jess!!

  4. Hi Jessie
    Oh my gosh you warm my heart darling after reading this post about wearing two piece or string tie bikinis and getting tan lines…I am a guy that loves dressing In So Cali that loves finding secluded beaches here wear I can lay out in womens string tie bikinis or scrunchy butt style bikini bottoms and getting adorable skimpy tan lines that seem to last for a couple months…ooh what a feeling and how amazing it is looking at your self in the mirror or when doning to chat more with you all of your articles are so helpful

  5. Love to hear more from you Jessie you sound so wonderful and really love how you share yourself and it made me feel wonderful that there is someone else out there that loves what I love…how many bikinis do you own now? I have like 15 of them oh well email me back to my email addy too if you would like would love to hear from you and be able to open up to each other.

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