One identity crisis solved and another takes its place

I have some news.

After being raised as a boy, and now about 25 years as man who was just into crossdressing I have finally accepted and embraced that I’m a woman and a man, I am bigendered. I really knew it for years but I finally saw the term bigender and everything clicked. Saying out loud that I am a woman and feeling at ease while also being comfortable as also being a man has been absolutely amazing, I’m happier than I have been in awhile and any guilt or similar feelings associated with crossdressing have disappeared, along with any excitement if you catch my drift. I’m still male and heterosexual I just so happen to be a flat chested woman with a penis who is also a man. Look gender is weird.

Jessie out for the world

I have come out to a few people, and they have all been supportive. My  boss at work was very supportive, our relationship is complex known each other for years. She was trying to figure out how to integrate it and ensure minimum impact, I don’t work front facing customers very often so going in as a woman or a man shouldn’t make that big of a difference.
I have many things to figure out, one if which is this blog. It’s called crossdressing commentary, but I’m not really a crossdresser anymore, even the web address is jessxdress. I do need to keep writing and keeping everyone up on the journey I just need to find the right feel for this site, be it one last post that directs you to a new one or changing the name. Basically I am now on a journey of becoming the woman I am. I suppose perhaps a change it title and showing my journey may help others on a similar path.

Any Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “One identity crisis solved and another takes its place

  1. I would keep you current blog title and handle. it is who you have been and what you have been doing. You can certainly evolve and discuss that evolution in your commentaries..
    That is my two cents.

    1. I am leaning towards keeping the web address and changing the tag line. Then going through and tag everything so if someone is just here for cd stuff they don’t need to hit all the bg stuff. I mean they aren’t separate

    2. There, I added my name to the title and changed the tag line and the about section up a bit. I’ll do more fine tuning but I think this is the right direction to head with it. Oh and not using the short version of my name. And adding pictures of me.

  2. Jessie, I had a similar experience a couple years ago when I figured out that there was more to me than just the clothes: it was a part of me, a feeling, an expression that needed to be out. I declared myself as gender fluid and use the description of being “comfortable” in both of my expressions. I need to update my blog page, but plan on keeping it as is as it does show the progression of thought and action along the road of self discovery. Michelle.

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