Embrace your femininity, you’ll thank yourself for it!

Just putting out there that I’m really loving being a woman while also being a man. But really it’s the being a woman I’m enjoying. And no matter what level of femininity you have you should accept and embrace it because since I accepted my bigender nature and embraced that I’m also a woman I have:

  • Been much happier than I have been in a long time. Was pretty depressed before
  • Been eating better
  • Working out again since I really want to look good as a woman, and side benefit look better as a man. Oh and generally healthier
  • I noticed my men’s pants are looser and I’m down a belt notch and they look way better. Even as a man I look better.
  • Improved my posture
  • Been smiling more
  • Wanting to have pictures taken of me
  • Looking at pictures of myself and loving the person I see
  • Being out of the house as a woman
  • Loving my long red hair on my shoulders or blowing in a slight breeze
  • Having my breasts proudly sitting on my chest and no one thinking it is odd
  • I’m loving the compliments, seriously the white plunge neck top I have had laying around for years never really liking but always wanting to wear to work has garnered me a tonne of compliments.
  • I’m loving the acceptance and support from those around me and feel more connected than ever before
  • I love being honest with myself
  • Oh right, I just about forgot, I’m also now more comfortable as a man. Who would have thought?

I know bigender isn’t for everyone. But what ever level femininity you have accept and embrace it. If you just like to look like a woman on occasion, like to wear panties, or are willing to take the dive and be a woman do it. It took me 25 years to do it and now I’m never going back. I am loving every moment of my womanhood and femininity and loving myself again.

And now a photo line up just to show this woman off to the world. It also helps that the spouse is a professional portrait photographer but these were all taken with my Galaxy S9 so you don’t need fancy equipment just a good eye and knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Embrace your femininity, you’ll thank yourself for it!

  1. Your photos are great. You look wonderful and your smile speaks of a calmness of spirit and a joy of liberty and freedom. I am proud of you and of your wife. Having the ability to present as you choose at work is outstanding.

    PS: I think that there are some of your posts that do not have a comment section. Am I correct or am I missing somethong

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