Makeup: I’m at a total loss

Since I’m stepping out as a woman I need something I have never really needed before; makeup skills. Makeup has never really been my thing, in part because it confuses the heck out of me. To add to this the spouse is self described as a a bit of a tomboy and doesn’t really use makeup. But here I am stepping out into the world and while I’ll always look like a man as long as I am making serious strides to look feminine it should give me an easier go at it. That and I am starting to really like how feminine it can make me look.

So here I am just trying to figure out how all this works. You have primer, corrector, foundations, contrast, highlight, blush, 6 different things for the eyes, lips, cleavage, and the list goes on. And the cost is sickening. I mean I’ve really started to like how makeup can make me look but the cost alone would stop me from ever going full time. I suppose I’ll just start by finding a good beard cover and foundation at this point and then build from there. It appears dermablend is the way to go, unless any of you have suggestions.

The point of this post is just to vent a bit, to share in my journey, and maybe grab some hints. Because as I said while I didn’t really do makeup before I’m kind of liking it. I know some like it for the feel of the brushes across the face and that sort of thing. As I said, I just like how I can do my make up and actually start to look feminine. My current goal is to be able to walk down the street and not have someone on the other side look over and not go “That’s a man in women’s clothing” right off the bat. I mean my height and build give it away but as long as the makeup doesn’t give them a reason to take the second look I’ll take it. That and I am liking the way it makes me look.

Sigh, what is a male bigender person who is learning to be a woman to do?

9 thoughts on “Makeup: I’m at a total loss

  1. Yes makeup can be daunting and a little hard to learn. But there are lots of cheaper alternatives then heading to MAC or Sephora. Elf and Wet n Wild both make very affordable products although I find Elf lacking in foundation colors here in Canada. I will say that Maybelline make a very good foundation with it’s Fitme line and you can’t go wrong with Revlon Lipsticks.

      1. Keep an eye out for sales there. Sometimes you can get really good deals. The Maybelline foundation is regular 10.99 but can be as low as 5.99 sometimes.

  2. Hello! I am new to WordPress and came across your blog. Congrats on the confidence! I will say as a make up artist at Bobbi Brown, I served both women and men alike, and no 2 people I’ve met have Had even the slightest of similarities in routine! Makeup comes with no manual and is a way to express yourself in the way you like to see it. My personal opinion would be to get yourself into a store and have a chat with a makeup artist on counter (I recommend Bobbi Brown were all lovely) and just learn the basics and have products tested out on you! It can be a fun day out too! Hope this helps x

  3. Idk what to do about your beard , I’m Spanish so I do get a mustache lol but I shave that bad boy away. Watching YouTube videos makes me want to do the natural thing. People use ten products for a natural look. I do play around more if I’m going to an event but my point in this response is find a great foundation mascara and lip color. Simple works best for anyone in my opinion

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