Big night tonight, Gender Reveal Party

Is a big night as we are having a small gender reveal party, and accurate one where someones gender is actually revealed not their projected gender based upon their sex. So I know what I am, well mostly, at least today. Look gender is weird just roll with it really. Any way so the people I have been coming out to are close friends, therapist, coworkers, and perhaps dog park friends. If you have a dog and you go to the dog park you know who I am talking about, and here I mean the ones you know the names of the owners and not just the dogs.

So told them this week while walking the dogs, one of them thought I wasn’t serious for a moment and laughed, and had felt terrible. Told her no reason to worry. So decided to invite a couple of them over for an evening to hang with the freshly pressed woman who is Jessie. And so this evening they are going to be coming over. Nervous excitement abounds. It is also my spouses first time being around me as a woman around others. I mean sure there was a Halloween with me in a dress but that doesn’t really count. So this should be an interesting evening. I have to decide what to wear and what breasts to have on. So much to worry about. Thank goodness for wine. I’m thinking funnel neck sweater and skinny jeans.

The one big thing is that my boss has also been invited over for this little shindig. She is interesting as she has known about the crossdressing for 15 years or so but I don’t think has ever fully accepted it. Why has she known for so long? It’s complicated, in the Facebook sort of way. So she was not present while I was at the office last week as she was gone and didn’t get to experience full Jessie mode. I will see if she actually makes it as she has a habit of not always coming through when needed, and I told her exactly how important it was to me. But she also has many other things going on with family so I guess we will see.

Also note everyone who is coming this evening is well aware of what is coming up and has seen photos. Gender presentation party is closer but reveal is more fun because I hate those things.

3 thoughts on “Big night tonight, Gender Reveal Party

  1. I hope all went well. I certainly seems like a good approach. You will be in your home and have some sense of a home field advantage. Casual seems to be the way to go.
    Good luck

    1. Just finished at 1 am. Some wine, some laughs. Someone bought me makeup. Had a good long academic discussion about gender roles in contemporary society and the construction of social inequality within the mores of social expectations combined with the ramifications of transgressing said social mores.
      I like hanging out with people with masters degrees in social psychology, mixes well with my honours degree in sociology. I really should get back to my masters.

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