All I got for Christmas was Clothes

A few years back I wrote All I Want for Christmas is Clothes where I wrote how wonderful it would be to get some lingerie from Victoria Secret for Christmas. Well this year that did not exactly happen but fairly close. I asked the spouse for some everyday women’s clothes for Christmas, make it all about Jessie. A few weeks back at a craft sale we got me a new purse which I actually do like quite a bit, that is another post in waiting, and today more. I got some leggings, pants, and two tops on Christmas morning. Which is really all I wanted, first some clothes to build out my wardrobe since I’m spending more time out as a woman but also the show of full acceptance by the spouse. She has always been accepting on this journey, which means I kind of need to keep her around I mean not like I’m going to find another woman who is into my bigender crossdressing nature that easily.

Anyways, hope everyone got everything they wanted for Christmas, enjoy the holidays!

One thought on “All I got for Christmas was Clothes

  1. I am so glad that you had a great Christmas. The presents from your wife sound perfect. Among other things it shows how much she loves and cares for you and how she accepts your dual gendered nature and the fact that you are going to go out and about and fit in as a woman.
    Absolutely wonderful.
    Merry Christmas

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