Finding My Feminine Style

Since I’ve accepted my bigender nature and decided to engage it, ie live as a woman a reasonable amount of my life. I have also realized that I’ll need to work on developing my wardrobe more not only in size but in depth and style. I was slowly doing this when I considered myself a crossdresser but now it is much more pressing in my mind. Knowing your personal sty can make you feel more comfortable and save on clothes. I have a good wardrobe of tank tops, t-shirts, skirts, jeans, and other casual items. What I find I’m lacking is a wardrobe that will cover me for work if I decide to go majority time for any period of time. I may have a week’s worth of work clothes now, maybe. But now that I’ve crossed the crossdresser to bigender line and living as a man and woman in daily life I’ll need a wardrobe to match.

So now I am on the look out for what my style as a woman is, we each have a style that works for us and while it doesn’t have to be strictly adhered to it is a theme to who we are. As a man also have style which developed over my life. For instance as a man I tend to wear patterned short sleeve button shirts. This is because I look ok and because I have long arms for a man so finding a shirt that fits my arms can be challenging. This is likely to translate over to women’s clothing as well as my arm length will be even more dramatic. But the patterns are going away.

Though I am looking forward to so many more options available to me being able to access the women’s section for my daily wear. But all those options while exciting are daunting to say the least. I think perhaps I’ll do a few posts in a series called “finding my feminine style” and focus on a few key parts as they come up. Hopefully I’ll stay on top of it.

2 thoughts on “Finding My Feminine Style

  1. When I am on your blog site I get several pop up ads from Woman Within. Most of my wardrobe has come from there or from their sister shop Lane Bryant. While a lot of their stuff is dowdy it tends to fit me well and has been very servicable to me.

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